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Kohat the southern city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is only an hour's drive from Peshawar and couple of hours drive from country's capital Islamabad. It is at an altitude of 1607 feet. Cradled in the lap of mountains and famous as 'City of Streams', it has many places that are flocked by people. Among these, is the well-known University of Kohat, a place, where imparting education is not considered just a duty, but as a commitment towards the advancement of the society. the vision and a single minded mission of the University make it a name to reckon with. 

Kohat University of Science & Technology holds examinations, grants degrees, imparts knowledge and confers diverse academic distinctions on persons who pursue approved courses of study at the University or the constituent colleges/institutions approved for the purpose and also for those who appear as external/private candidates. The University also admits, maintains, recognizes, and affiliates colleges and other sister institutions. It is primarily a research, teaching, affiliating, and examining body involved in promotion of not only science and technology but other branches of learning as well. The University is open to all classes and creeds with the sole objective to carry people from darkness to light.

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences


Prof. Dr. Syed Tasleem Hussain


Faculty of Social Sciences

Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences!

We are happy that you have chosen to be with us for a very important phase in your academic journey. This Faculty has a long and distinguished tradition of teaching and research and prides itself in being the nesting ground for qualified and capable individuals. The excellent education you will receive here will help to transform your lives and prepare you to respond effectively to the demands of the world and the ever-present societal challenges.

Over time, in response to the signals of public demand the Faculty has expanded both in terms of disciplines and degree programs. Presently the Faculty of Social Sciences offers a range of degree programs in the disciplines of English, Economics, Journalism & Mass Communication, Religious Studies, Social Work & Sociology, Education and Management Sciences. The Faculty has 1027 currently enrolled students with 73 registered at MPhil and PhD level programs and 66 teaching faculty members, around half of whom hold PhD degrees. The University is continuously striving to increase the number and qualifications of the Social Science teaching faculty members so as to maintain internationally accepted quality standards in teaching and research.

We in the Faculty of Social Sciences are committed to being your best ally during your time at KUST. We do so by providing the type of academic advice and support services that will facilitate your learning and progress towards graduation. We, therefore, encourage you to utilize these services to help you to obtain answers to the questions you may have or to overcome difficulties you may encounter. Even as you work hard to ensure that you do well academically, be sure to get involved in our many extra-curricular activities that are on offer.

Finally, I feel honored and privileged to be associated with the Faculty as the Dean. We have a team of very eminent scholars and renowned faculty members in their respective disciplines. We encourage our students to take responsibility for your own learning, aim to become rounded and, throughout this very important phase of your life, enjoy your experience with us. We also welcome and commend our alumni who have proudly served and continue to serve this vibrant and vanguard Faculty.




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Kohat University of Science & Technology, Kohat 26000, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

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Dean, Faculty of Biological Sciences


Prof. Dr. Shafiq Ur Rehman


Faculty of Biological Sciences

The Faculty of Biological Sciences comprises of six departments, Biotechnology, Botany, Environmental Sciences, Microbiology, Pharmacy and Zoology. All of these departments except Pharmacy offer undergraduate and graduate programmes leading to BS, MSc, MS/MPhil, and PhD degrees. The Environmental Sciences and Pharmacy departments offer only BS and Pharm-D programme respectively.


The faculty is fairly rich and well-resourced in terms of students, academic staff, and research facilities. The slogan of KUST “research based teaching” could be seen implemented in true letter and spirit in our Faculty. Teaching is complimented with the high quality research, making full use of the recently installed high-tech equipment worth millions of rupees. These include: HPLC, DNA Sequencer, RT-PCR, 2-D Gel Electrophoresis and SDS- PAGE Protein Analysis, Gel Documentation, Double Beam Spectrophotometers, Fermentor, Flame Photometer, Photosynthesis Meter, Leaf Area Meter, Water Potential Meter, Autoclave (various capacities), Growth Chambers and Incubators of various sizes, ultra-low temperature Freezers, Centrifuge, and Optical Microscopes of various magnifications. Recently, established Proteomics and LEDs Labs have not only set new trends but also increased research capacity of the faculty. Furthermore, research projects worth tens of millions are either in progress or near to completion, indicating active involvement of its faculty and graduate students in research.


The Faculty of Biological Sciences, with the hard work of its faculty and students, has been producing competent and well qualified graduates. In a short span of time, it has grown and developed into an educational center with emphasis on excellence, innovation, and high quality education with no compromise on discipline. The Faculty of Biological Sciences would surely continue its progress with the same zeal. It would not only continue to produce highly trained human resource to meet the socio-economic and developmental needs of our society but would also produce research work of international standards.






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