Every student at KUST is assigned to Advisor Studies (a faculty member of the concerned academic department) who will hold regular meetings, both formal and informal, with the student (advisee). Before the start of a semester, each academic department sends a list of advisors with respective advisee to the office of the Controller of Examinations (CoE) with a copy to the Director Academics. This list does not include the first semester students. The advisor for the first semester students is by default the Head of the respective department.This list is refreshed every semester and it is the responsibility of the concerned HoD to provide the list well before the start of every semester to the office of the CoE so that registration process could be completed smoothly.


The advisor helps student prepare a degree plan and periodically audits the academic progress of his advisee. The Advisor maintains a record file (Student's File) containing the semester-wise progress reports, courses completed, a list of courses to be completed, record of co-curricular activities and any other information he deems relevant. Please note that without the recommendation of the Academic Advisor, no course- registration form will be accepted by the Registration/CoEs office.


Each advisor is provided with the following materials.

  • A list of advisees
  • Result reports of the advisee
  • A copy of the recent Course Catalogue of the University containing details of all the courses

While signing the course registration form, the advisor certifies that the courses recommended are in accordance with the degree plan, the pre-requisite(s) have been fulfilled, and the course numbers, titles and the credit hours assigned to are correct and according to the latest KUST catalogue. In case of registration at the beginning of a semester, or in case of signing an add/drop form, the advisors ensures that the course(s) can be taken without any alteration in the time table already notified by the respective departments.

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