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The monthly attendance record of students will be displayed on the notice board of the concerned department.


A student who remains absent from classes for ten (10) consecutive working days will be informed by the concerned HoD through the Departmental notice board as well as his/ her parents through a registered letter at home address warning about the consequences.


In case, a student remains absent for twenty (20) consecutive working days from the classes he/she will cease to be a student of KUST. This shall be notified by the HoD with copy to the parents, concerned Dean, Director Academics, Controller of Examinations, Director Finance, and PS to Vice Chancellor.


If a student fails to register courses in a semester, he/she shall be notified through the departmental notice-board asking to explain his/ her position. The concerned HoD shall also inform the parents of the student through a registered courier letter dispatched within 03 days after the closing date of registration. If the University does not receive any reply within ten (10) working days after the dispatch of the letter, either from the student or from the parents, the student shall cease to be a student of KUST.


This shall be notified by the concerned HoD with a copy to the student.