Interruption of Studies

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The semester system at KUST also allows for the interruption of studies. A student desirous of interrupting his studies is required to submit an application in person to the respective HoD through his Advisor Studies (see below, 5. Advisement). The HoD forwards the application to the concerned Dean for consideration. If approved, the respective HoD notifies it to the student with a copy to the Advisor Studies and the Director Academics for record. In case, the Advisor Studies is on leave, the case may be submitted in person to the office of the concerned HoD in the presence of another faculty member of the same department/institute who should testify the application. A student whose case is in process with the Disciplinary Committee of the University will not be eligible for the Interruption of studies before the final recommendation of the Committee and decisions of the Competent Authority.


If a student interrupts his study programme at KUST for a period longer than one semester, then upon resumption of studies at KUST, all his previously earned courses at KUST accredited for the same degree shall be evaluated by the Departmental Academic Committee, chaired by a senior faculty member of the Department, in order to establish their relevance to the prevalent degree programme in light of any changes made to the curriculum. In such a case, a student is required to modify his degree plan in order to ensure conformity to the latest version of the curriculum followed at KUST.


A degree programme cannot be interrupted more than twice and the total maximum allowance for the interruption shall not be more than the normal duration of the degree programme.


Resumption of studies is only allowed at the start of a semester. Before the resumption, the student must submit his willingness to resume studies at KUST at least two weeks before the start of a semester. No special courses will be arranged for such students. The students shall be allowed to registered courses in view of his performance at the time of application for the interruption. The Advisor Studies for such a student may remain unchanged.