Borrowing of Books

  1. The borrower card will be issued to each member for the loan purposes, this card will be provided to the users in two weeks after submission of library registration form, and will not be transferable, and should be surrendered at the time of taking clearance from the library.
  2. Library card will be valid up to the last term/semester of programme.
  3. A member who loses his card shall inform the librarian in written form so that the duplicate card is issued to the member against a fine of Rs 20.
  4. A duplicate card shall be issued two times only.
  5. Overdue books shall be punished with a fine of Rs 1:00 per day.
  6. No students shall be allowed to appear in examination held by the university unless he/she obtained a clearance slip from the library to the effect that he or she has no books/ outstanding against them.
  7. In case a book is urgently required, the librarian may recall it at a short notice anytime and such a book shall be return immediately by the borrowers.
  8. In case of donated materials, thesis reports, etc the librarian will assess cost/ value of the material.

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