Vision & Mission


The ORIC's vision is to nurture an environment where research intellectuals, faculty, and research students can actively engage with the industry in promoting their research and development of new technologies and ideas.


Mission and Objectives

ORIC at KUST is looking forward to develop, enhance and manage the research programs and to link it with other educational institutions and industry at large.

ORIC is committed to make sure that the quality of research is in line with the international standard, which in return reflects back by counting KUST as one of the major research institution.

The office also ensure high moral values and believe in academic freedom and professional integrity in keeping full compliance of polices and other standard operations adopted by KUST.


  • To work under the umbrella of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC).
  • To persuade mission oriented research in perspective of socio-economic needs of Pakistan.
  • To create awareness for joint research, multidisciplinary research and academic research collaboration and to promote publications among the faculty.
  • To promote free/private enterprise transfer of Technology and Commercialization in line with the University policies and matching national economic requirements.
  • To arrange seminars, symposia, workshop and hands on training for faculty, students and general public /society.
  • To possibly convert the research out come in to products and its linkages with industry for Commercialization.


  • To educate faculty and research students about Research and Research Policies adopted by KUST.
  • To communicate and maintain data of national and international sponsored research projects for administrative procedure.
  • To facilitate faculty and research students in locating potential industrial partners.
  • To promote technology transfer in the form of innovations.
  • To encourage potential faculty for filing patents (National/International/Local/Departmental)
  • To highlight activities on web, and media for knowledge store purpose and feedback.

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