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Understanding environmental issues like global warming, drought, salinity, flooding, heavy metals pollution are the need of the hour. Such issues have got much importance in developing countries like Pakistan, where environmental resources are under direct threat due to various anthropogenic activities. These activities need to be properly and wisely handled in order to ensure environmental protection and its resource conservation. This is only possible to educate the community by properly providing the essential resources in terms of establishing of Environmental Science disciplines in teaching institutes in country over. Our newly established Environmental Sciences discipline at the Faculty of Biological Sciences, KUST will be focusing on these issues. The interdisciplinary and integrative curriculum of its BS degree programs have been designed to equip students with key skills and knowledge to understand and confront complex environmental issues in cost effective manner.


Our vision comes under the overall KUST vision i.e. Top class education in a vibrant environment driven by research and innovation. We further envision producing qualified graduates better equipped with the updated knowledge and enhancing their capacity to excel well in education, training, research, outreach or consultancy services.


The overall mission of Environmental Sciences Discipline (ESD) is to provide the quality education and produce human resources specialized in environmental sciences. In addition, ESD is committed to be a competent and qualified partner of research institution, national and international public and private sectors institutes.

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