Department of Journalism & Mass Communication

Established in 2007, the Department of Journalism & Mass Communication
provides student the opportunity to enhance their learning in media
studies and communication. The Department specializes in electronic
media, print media & social media.  Moreover state of the art labs for
television and radio have been established to enhance practical skills
of students.  The Department also runs it’s own F.M radio station,
which provides a number of opportunities to students willing to make
careers in media industry.  In addition to this, the teaching staff has
both strong academic and industry background, making it one of the most
dynamic Journalism departments in the province

  Vision and Mission statements 

Vision is to produce journalists and media professionals, who can make a
difference through their quality of work. Universities have a key role
to play in improving the current media practices. Our mission is to
become one of the leading department of the province by equipping
students with ethical guidelines, safety measures, practical skills and
strong editorial judgment.






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