Department of English

The Department of English has always been committed to maintain a symbiotic relationship of teaching, research and the larger concerns of society. It offers a wide range of courses recognizing traditional values in the discipline yet reflecting its dynamic shape. Recently new areas of study such as Introduction to Discourse Analysis, Phonology, Stylistics and Pakistani Literature in English have been added to the curriculum. Even in courses with the most traditional titles, the selection of texts, as well as the way they are taught, undergoes regular reassessment and alteration. We try to make literature appear in front of our students not as passive reflector but as an active moulder of culture.


Vision statement:
We see the Department as a spearhead of the movement to bring revolutions through quality education. Our students are expected to add valuable contributions in the field of education & research.


Mission statement:
To acculturate the students with research based knowledge by bracing them with modern theories & technicalities of English Literature and Language.

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