Master Degree

NDERgraduate (MSc/MA/MBA/MCS) degree


KUST offers two-year master degree programmes in several subjects/disciplines for candidates holding a 2-year conventional bachelor degree leading to MSc/MA/MBA/MCS. To earn this degree from KUST, a student must successfully complete 60-66CH of course work spanning normally over 4 semesters. These 60-66CH include compulsory and electives/optional courses from the major field and some disciplines have a component of English and/or multidisciplinary courses. An MSc/MA student may also opt for a 3CH of project in the 4thsemester in place of an elective course provided his CGPA is not less than 2.50/4.00. In some disciplines, however, the final semester project will be made compulsory for every student through the Board of Studies with the approval of the Academic Council. In such cases, it is notified to students well before the final examination of their 3rd semester courses. These projects do not need the approval of the ASRB but must be approved by the Departmental Academic Committee (DAC) before displaying on the notice board.


It is mandatory for the project students to submit a 30-50 pages formal project report, to be submitted in duplicate through the Project Supervisor to the respective HoD. Based on the submitted report and a final oral /presentation in person in front of the audience that must include members of the DAC , the project is evaluated at the end of the semester and is graded (letter grade) by the DAC. The award list of the project is signed by the convenor of the DAC and countersigned by the respective HoD.


UNDERgraduate (MEd, MEd Professional) degree

KUST also offers a 1-year Master of Education (MEd) and a 2-Year Master of Education (MEd Professional) programmes administered by the Institute of Education and Research (IER). In both these degree programmes, there is an emphasis on practical skills along with all the theoretical back ground courses, and hence project work is mandatory. The first semester of the 1-Year MEd comprises a minimum of 15 credit hours of course work and the load in the second semester is a minimum of 15CH (course work and research project). The research work is presented in the form of a report (thesis). The minimum requirement for the completion of the 2-Year MEd (Professional) is 48 credit hours that include six (06) credit hours of practice teaching and six (06) credit hours of Research work in the final semester. The Project in both these cases is evaluated as was done in section 8.3 Undergraduate MSc/MA degree above.

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