MPhil Degree

Graduate (MS, MPhil, PhD) degree

MS/MPhil degree

To earn MS/MPhil degree, one must earn 24CH of graduate-level course work (comprising 6CH of Compulsory and 18CH of Elective courses) plus a 6 CH of research project (pass/fail) for all technical (science /engineering) degrees. The minimum grade for courses related to the research work is B and the minimum cumulative GPA for graduation is 3.00/4.00. The research work shall be carried out under the supervision of at least two qualified (minimum MS/MPhil or equivalent) faculty members or research staff from a university or an R&D organisation. One of the supervisors must be from KUST.


For non-technical (English, Humanities and Social Sciences) degrees, with the approval of the Advanced Studies and Research Board (ASRB) of KUST, the 6CH of research project may be replaced with 6CH of course work provided no research facilities are available and provided the student does not want to pursue a PhD degree at KUST.


For a student studying for an MS/ MPhil degree, synopsis of the research and thesis must be approved by the ASRB of KUST by the end of the first academic year. Before presenting any research synopsis to the ASRB for final approval, research title and outlines of the research project/ thesis are discussed in the Board of Faculty of the concerned Faculty and the recommendation will be submitted to the Graduate Programmes Committee. The Graduate Programmes Committee shall recommend suitable cases to the ASRB for grant of approval.


The research work in MS/MPhil will have to be presented in the form of a report or thesis. Two spiral bound copies shall be submitted to the office of the concerned Dean for evaluation purposes. Once evaluation is completed, three hard bound copies (according to the specified format) and one pdf file of the final corrected version of the report/thesis shall be submitted to the office of the concerned Dean. (One copy for the main library of KUST, one for the departmental library, and one for HEC). The final corrected version must include a single page certificate of approval signed by the supervisor and the two examiners (see below).


The project report/thesis shall be formally defended in front of a panel. The panel consists of an external examiner, internal examiner, faculty members (may include supervisor) and graduate students of the respective department. The evaluation or grading of the research work carried out by the student is, however, done by the examiners only. The results (No letter grade, pass or fail only) are sent to the concerned Dean through the respective HoD for approval and transmission to the CoEs office for declaration and/or publishing of the results.


The external examiner shall be an expert in the field from an academic/research organisation outside KUST. The concerned HoD, in consultation with the thesis supervisor recommends a list of three experts in the field for the external examiner, an internal examiner, and a possible date for the formal defence to the Dean of the respective Faculty. The Deans office appoints an external examiner from amongst the list, approves the internal examiner, and notifies these to the HoD and the Controller of Examinations along with the possible date for the formal defence, with a copy to Director Finance (KUST) for taking care of the financial aspects in terms of examiners remuneration, TA/DA, etc. The Controller of Examinations sends a request to the external examiner and internal examiner accordingly. Once confirmed, the CoEs office informs the concerned Dean, the respective HoD, and the student concerned. In case of the non-availability of the external examiner from among the recommended list, the Dean would request the concerned HoD for submission of a revised list of external examiners and the procedure is repeated.


It is also mandatory for an MS/MPhil student to have presented at least one research seminar to his group and have contributed to at least one presentation in a national/ international conference related to his research discipline in order to qualify candidacy for MS/MPhil degree. Any accepted / published paper of the scholar in the field during the degree program will be considered at par with Presentation in National / International conference. The Presentations in National/ International conference could also be done through Video Conferencing. It is the responsibility of the concerned HoD to keep a record of all such activities and to intimate the office of the respective Dean accordingly. The concerned HoD must submit a formal report in this regard while requesting for the arrangement of the external examiner.

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