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Over the years, priority order has been changed and now the profession of Pharmacy is an integral part of our health care system. The scope of pharmacy practice varies from traditional role of compounding and dispensing to more modern services of reviewing medications for safety and efficacy, providing drug information and clinical services. Pharmacists are the experts on drug therapy who optimize medication use to provide patients compliances. Apart from its pivotal role in healthcare, pharmacy also plays an important role in business sector of the world, sharing about two third of the total market through pharmaceutical products. Realizing the need of Pharmacy in our health care system and role of Pharmaceutical Industry on economic front of the country, KUST established the Department of Pharmacy at Main Campus of the University in 2007, after getting formal permission from the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan (PCP). The department is outfitted with modern sophisticated pharmaceutical manufacturing and analytical instruments under the supervision of highly qualified faculty to facilitate the graduates to meet the challenges of rapidly changing pharmaceutical technologies around the globe. We have ambitious plans to start post graduate programs in the field of pharmaceutical sciences to cater the need of professionals in the field of research and development. On behalf of the faculty and staff of the department, I welcome you all for a better future in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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