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We are delighted to announce the most awaited and time-needed discipline in order to make our younger generation aware of the importance of our ecosystem. The newly introduced discipline will expand knowledge of the physical, chemical, biological and human components of the Earth System, through cutting edge research, rigorous student training and service to the community. Our undergraduate program will expose our students to a wide array of environmental science disciplines and prepares them for careers in State/Federal resource agencies, private consulting and for graduate education. Our undergraduate study program will focus on developing understanding of our students regarding basics of chemistry, physics, statistics and mathematics. They will be educated how to assess the environmental degradation by offering subjects like environmental chemistry, environmental toxicology etc. The enrolled students will be quite enable to remediate the degraded environment by studying environmental microbiology,  environmental biotechnology, geographical information systems (GIS), remote sensing (RS) etc. using hands –on experiences in our state of the art laboratories.

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