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The aim of education is to develop minds and provide skills useful to society and students. This is the focus and vision for the education imparted at The Institute of Information Technology, KUST.

The Institute has been providing its graduates to the nation during the past decade in Computer Science. The response from the market, that our graduates make their presence felt by transforming intangibles into tangibles, is a source of encouragement to further expand the number of disciplines taught, and enlarge the number of seats we make available in existing disciplines.

This Institute was established in the year 2001 and was the pioneer Institute of Kohat University of Science and Technology. Our graduates are already serving the reputable Software companies and telecommunication organizations both in Pakistan and abroad. The department offers Bachelor of Computer Science (BSCS), Master in Computer Science (MCS) undergraduate program with specialization in Wireless Network, Wireless Sensor Networks, Network security, Advance Mobile Technologies and Software engineering. This Institute is also facilitating postgraduate programs up to the level of  MSCS and PhD. We provide a congenial environment for both teachers and students. The state-of-the-art equipment is available for experimental and research work. The highly qualified faculty is always ready to guide you in any academic related problem where as the courteous administrative staff is always attentive to address your problems.

The study programs and course contents offered are specially designed to give a head start to our graduates in the market place. Instead of providing degrees which merely serve as a license to enter the professional world, we endeavor to prepare our students to blend in naturally but competitively with state of the art technologies and skills in their chosen area of specialization.

The Institute provides a disciplined and peaceful academic environment and latest facilities, which are required for students to learn the skills of their chosen profession. With this message, I with my faculty, welcome students from all backgrounds for pursuing their course of studies. We hope and expect the students who leave this institution will Insha Allah be upright citizens, able to support themselves, and their families, as well as become the leaders of the future.

Dr. Asad Habib

Institute of IT

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