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The Institute of Education and Research was established in 2001 with B.Ed Program. The success of B.Ed Program and also pushed by the needs of locals, Master in Education (One Year) program was launched in 2003.  The institute kept on flourishing and M.Phil program was started in 2005 after fulfilling all the requirements of HEC. Building upon the success of M.Phil program, PhD program was initiated in 2007. All these milestones were achieved with help of motivated, diligent and workaholic faculty members and the staff.

Recently B.Ed four years program, in compliance with HEC guidelines, has been launched at IER. The program is accredited by National Accreditation Council of Teacher Education (NACTE).

Besides academic programmes, Institute of Education and Research has to its credit arranging many workshops and seminars for the development of faculty and staff of KUST in particular and teachers’ community in general. Some of these training programs include: 

  1. Faculty Development Program, Organized in Collaboration with NAHE, HEC
  2. Indigenous On-campus Training (IOT) for KUST Staff, Organized in Collaboration with HEC
  3. Capacity Management Building Program, organized in collaboration with Directorate of Education FATA.
  4. Capacity Management Building Program, organized in collaboration with Fulbright.

Vision IER

We move forward with a vision to bring about innovations in the teaching techniques being applied in our Education Institutions. We aspire to equip our graduates with such skill and knowledge that they, after entering into the main stream of education as teachers and instructors, prove to be an asset to the education system having the capacity to address and resolve all kinds of problems and issues being faced by them.


Mission statements IER

To produce research-oriented scholars to meet immediate burning issues and problems in education system at national levels

To inculcate such professional thinking and attitude in the graduates that they are able to serve at their best, contributing positively towards the development of the society as a whole.

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