Written by Administrator on 27 June 2012.

Journalism & Mass Communication (JMC) was established in September 2007, with the Endeavor to fulfill the deficiency of competent media practitioners in the country. Mass Media play decisive role in informing the public and brining issues to public awareness. Only professionally competent Journalist equipped with Ethical and professional knowledge along with practical skills can be expected to fulfill the cognitive needs of a society. Therefore, JMC imparts knowledge in such away that the students here acquire the knowledge and skills they need to adequately play their role as information provider and as a change agent in the society.

The discipline provides students with strong foundation of theory, research and practical skills so as to enable them to have a strong hold over the latest trends in the field of
Journalism and Mass Communication. Courses taught here are blended with the vocational aspect of media practice so as to study the social and cultural responsibilities of media practitioners. The courses help the students to examine the influence of media contents on social reality, ownership interest and prevailing media order. Moreover, it Offers the students to develop a high level of media literacy. All this helps them to acquire the ability that surely reflects professional standards, social responsibility and ethical concerns.

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