Department of Social Work & Sociology


There is always a dire need of professionals who can provide help to the disadvantaged members of the society. Realizing the insurmountable problems facing by the masses, Kohat University of Science & Technology go a step forward and established the Department of Social Work & Sociology in the month of September 2007 under the Chairmanship of Syed Sajjad Hussain Shah.

Social Work is a profession which aims to help people, groups & communities to develop their full potential. It has a particular focus on social justice and on redressing social and economic disadvantage. Social Workers help people with personal and social problems. They develop and implement social policy.

Sociology is the intellectual discipline concerned with developing systematic, reliable knowledge about human social relations in general and about the product of such relationships in particular. Sociologists study the behavior and interaction of groups; trace their origin & growth and analyze the influence of group activities on individual members.


Social work is not only a theoretical subject but also it believes in practical grooming of the students in a variety of fields that includes drug addicts detoxification & rehabilitation, special education/training in the field of rehabilitation of persons with disability, women welfare & empowerment, labor welfare, rural & urban development, social welfare administration, NGOs/Civil Society formation and development, population welfare, child protection & welfare, psychiatric patients etc. Students practically learn and gain insight into these fields by active and physical participation once a week on regular basis. The students are also exposed to learn through Internship in the field of their interest. At the end of semester each student presents his/her experience through field work report which is evaluated by the Field Work Committee constituted for this purpose by the department.

The field of Sociology also includes a large number of specialties including race & ethnic relation, urban & rural sociology, deviance, political sociology, sociology of the family, criminology, environmental sociology etc. The students of Sociology are also sent to various communities to utilize appropriately the sociological fields in approaching a problem oriented phenomenon.

Vision statement:
“To prepare globally competent Scholars of social work and sociology for balancing the world societal in-equilibriums”

Mission statement:

To impart value based theoretical Knowledge and extensive social research methodologies for the solution of social, economic and psychological problems of society while inculcating a spirit of Social Welfare and development in the graduates.