Institute of Education & Research

Written by Administrator on 27 June 2012.

Institute of Education and Research was established in 2001-2002. Bachelor in Education program was launched for the first time in 2002. After two years Master in Education was included with the said program. In 2005, we started M.Phil in Education with the running program. In the mean time B.Ed and M.Ed programs continued. In 2007, we launched the Ph.D program in the institute.

Vision Statement:

We move forward with vision to bring about innovation in the teaching techniques being applied in our education institutions. We aspire to equip our graduate with such skills and knowledge that they, after entering into the main stream of education as teachers and instructors prove to be an asset to the education system having the capacity to address and resolve all and any kind of problems and issues being faced by them.

Mission Statement:

To produced research oriented scholars to meet the immediate burning issues and problems in education system at national level.

To inculcate such professional thinking and attitude in the graduate that they are able to serve at their best, contributing positively towards the development of the society as a whole.

General Merit List Hangu Campus

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