Repeating Course(s)

Improvement of grade, A student who secures a grade of C-minus or less (in case of an undergraduate student) or a grade of B-minus or less (in case of a graduate student) may register for repeating the course (in entirety) during any semester before the completion of the requirement set for the degree programme and once the degree requirements are completed, the undergraduate students shall only be allowed to register in any four courses with grade C minus (C- ) or less in the succeeding two regular semesters.

If a student is found to have registered for repeating a course that is not allowed, his registration will be cancelled and/ or the latest grade earned in the course will be cancelled. Such a student will also be liable for disciplinary action.

In case of repeated courses, all grades earned by the student appear on the transcript. However, only the latest grade is counted in calculating the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), even if it is lower than the earlier one.

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