Written by Administrator on 28 June 2012.

Every student is required to submit a Degree Registration Form in person to the office of the respective Head of Department (along with three recent passport size colour photographs) in the very first week of his arrival at KUST. The office of the HoD prepares a list of the registered students in a degree programme and forwards copies to the Director Academics and the Controller of Examinations.† A student shall not be allowed to register for more than one degree programmes simultaneously.

In addition, every semester, every student is required to complete the Course Registration formalities well in time unless he does not want to continue his studies at KUST. For registration of courses, a student must fill-in the Course Registration Form in triplicate and get it signed by the respective Advisors-Studies and HoD. The form shall be submitted to the Registration Disk (Office of the Controller of Examinations). The student may be provisionally registered for the courses subject to confirmation after verification of payment of fees from the Account's Office. A copy of the Form (CoE copy) will be retained by the Registration Office for its own record and a copy will be sent to the office of the respective department while the third copy (studentís copy) is handed over to the student. In case of outstanding dues, the student will be advised to clear all the dues by stipulated time. If the dues are not paid in full by the stipulated time, a student may not be allowed to attend the classes and will not be allowed to sit in the final examination. It is the responsibility of students to clear all the outstanding dues and submit a report in time to the Controller's Office for the confirmation of registration. Failing this, registration may be cancelled.


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