Course Load

Written by Administrator on 28 June 2012.

An Undergraduate (BS, BBA, or MSc/MA) student can normally register for 15-18 Credit Hours in a regular semester whereas the maximum load for a Graduate student (MS, MPhil, PhD) is 12CH. The minimum course load to retain the status of a full-time student is 9CH for the Undergraduate and MSc/MA programme and 6CH for the Graduate (MS, MPhil, PhD) programme. Graduate student can retain the status of full-time by registering for the research work during a semester. No exception to this upper limit (18CH for undergraduate and 12CH for graduate) is allowed to the first semester students. However, in latter semesters, this limit may be relaxed with the approval of the HoD.† A student, other than the first semester, can request his advisor to allow him for registering up to a maximum load (21CH for Undergraduate and 15CH for graduate) in a semester if his cumulative GPA is 3.5/4.00 or better. The HoD may also allow a student (irrespective of probation) to register for up to two extra courses (maximum 8CH) if the student is planning to complete his degree programme in that very semester.

In case of probation, the advisor shall advise the student to register for 10-13CH (Undergraduate) or 6-8CH (Graduate). However, if the advisor feels that the student will be able to cope up with the normal load, he may recommend normal load to the student.

If a student on probation is planning to complete his degree programme, the HoD may allow him to register for more than the normal load (up to two additional courses) for a student on probation. The student shall be explained the consequences (in terms of expulsion) in case of poor performance and may be asked to submit a written statement in this regard. This statement shall be kept in the studentís personal file.

The maximum load for a Summer Semester is two courses (6-8CH) for the Undergraduate and one course (3-4CH) for the Graduate students. No exception to this upper limit under any circumstances.

Students registered for a degree in engineering, biological, medical, and physical sciences are, normally, not allowed to register for more than two courses offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in a single semester.† Similarly, students registered for a degree programme in Art and Social Sciences may not be allowed to register for more than two courses offered by a Faculty other than his own Faculty. If it comes to completion of degree requirement in the last semester, the concerned HoD may approve such cases on the recommendation of the respective Advisor.

In addition, the 6 credit hours of undergraduate-project may not be normally allowed to register in a single semester. However, if a student is graduating in that very semester, the HoD may approve such registration as a special case.