General Rules

Written by Administrator on 28 June 2012.

1. Member shall not mutilate, or damage by writing or marking on pages, violation of this rule shall require replacement of the damaged volume or payment of its price.

2. If one volume of a set series is damaged and it is not available separately, the whole set shall have to be replaced.

3. Members are advised to inspect books or other material at the time of issuance.

4. During stocktaking, all the library users should return their issued materials for checking purposes.

5. The librarian is authorized to withdraw library facilities from any member who is found misusing the library material or facilities.

6. Members of the library shall despite their proposal belongings at the counter near the entrance.

7. In case any personnel reading material has to be taken inside the library; permission must be sought from the librarian.

8. All reading materials issued to the user shall be shown to the attendant at the exit before leaving.

9. Eating, smoking, sleeping, mobile use, any discussion, especially with girls, are strictly prohibited in the library premises.

10. Theft of book and tearing of pages is a crime.

11. Complete silence shall be observed.

12. Only digital library should be used through the computers.

13. No one is allowed to open or close the input and output devices of the computers.

14. The USB permission must be taken from the desk in charge.

15. The internet will be used by user only for an hour, and will be vacated for other           users. After a use of one hour.

16. Books will not be issued unless the clearance of previous  semester borrowed material