The idea of KUST was first conceived by the on will-meaning leading personality of Kohat, with clear vision and strong will to do something great for the southern districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Lt. Gen S. Iftikhar Hussain Shah. What he envisioned was an institution having:

  1. A dynamic outlook;
  2. A group of accomplished and forward-looking academic leaders;
  3. An awe-inspiring landscape; and
  4. A captivating campus

As such, in the fast changing global challenges of the 21 Century, the Geneeral all too well realized the needs of the southern districts for a university that could propel the Province (and so the country) towards a knowledge-based economy. And this is so because the country pins its needs on science and technology, such that to provide the entrepreneur and other client agencies with innovative ideas through batches of highly motivated, ambitious, and forward-looking graduates.

When the first student was admitted, it was Thursday, September 14 at about 9:45 a.m. that the first student was enrolled.

Charter of the university

KUST attained the status of degree-awarding institution vide NWFP ordinance No. XXIII of 2001 and the subsequent notification No. Legis: 1 (12) 2001/4451-56, of August 30,2001.


Created as KUST on August 30, 2001 and granted its Charter conferring University status the same day, we are endeavoring to be at the forefront of science and technology. We have developed from strength to strength in many disciplines including Management Studies, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Medical Sciences.

Within a matter of just three years, the building of KUST have been conceived, planned, designed, and being built at an enviable speed; thanks to the integrated efforts of the staff, working day and night.


KUST shall be a nationally recognized university as a premier seat of learning with a global perspective that educates those who will fashion a more humane and just world, through a strong commitment to the cause of development.


Providing innovative undergraduate and graduate education that contributes to the development of society and the individual.