Department of Pharmacy

Pharmacy is the art and science of preparing and dispensing medicines along with provision of drug-related information to the public. It involves the interpretation of prescription orders; compounding, labeling, and dispensing of drugs and devices; drug product selection and drug utilization reviews; render patient-centered care to improve therapeutic outcomes and quality of life.

Pharmacy is known as a branch of science associated with healthcare from ancient times. Pharmacy has made great progress and has emerged as an independent branch in Pharmaceutical Sciences through the acquisition of wealth of knowledge by utilizing modern tools of research and discovering new drugs. Today’s pharmacy professional is a “drug expert” in the real sense. Initially, Department of Pharmacy was started in KUST in 2007 in the old Academic Block and in 2008 it was shifted to the new Academic Block at hill top.

 The Department is recognized by The Pharmacy Council of Pakistan Islamabad.



Pharmacy Graduate after graduation and learning in the Pharmacy Department can design a drug with minimum side effects and maximum potential and therapeutic effects. Since, Pharmacist is the only expert on drugs, therefore, can serve better in Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Industries, Clinics, Community Pharmacy and Drug Regulatory Affairs.

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