Chairman Message

Written by Administrator on 27 June 2012.

Since the establishment of the Department of Plant Sciences we have been struggling a lot for giving recognition to it, both in academics and research fields. Currently we are running several HEC and foreign funded research projects and are in completion phases. The basic aims of which are devising mechanism for sustainable exploitation of the regional flora for the development of socio-economic status of the local community in particular and national interest in general. This department is hosting fully established laboratories having high grade equipments for conducting research in the fields of tissue culture, physiology, medicinal plants ecology, systematics and conservation areas. We are rich in human resources as well, having a well experienced faculty and supporting staff struggling for further betterment of the department. This Department is hosting a number of students at undergraduate, graduate as well as post graduate level. Many of the successful graduates of the department are serving in various related fields at national and international institutions. At research level our goal is to explore the local flora and work on its economic importance as nutritional, medicinal and non timber forest products which may help in fulfilling regional and national requirements and contribute in the economic uplift. We encourage students to come and join this department, share their contribution and polish their capabilities for achieving their aims