Department of Zoology

Written by Administrator on 27 June 2012.

Since the establishment in 2004, our mission in the Department of Zoology is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with excellent academic preparation and research experience. This allows us to offer a wide range of courses and seminars in various disciplines of Zoology.

Zoology is central to our understanding of the world. Zoologists seek to discover the fundamental principles that underpin animal life focusing on the diversity, function and evolution of animals and thus providing the scientific basis for our knowledge both of the creatures with whom we share this planet and of ourselves. This Department strives to create an environment that enables teaching and research to attain high levels of excellence and in which its members can achieve their full potential.

Presently, 221 students are enrolled for BS Zoology, MSc, M Phil and PhD.

Vision Statement:

We are a friendly, independent practice based in the Department of Zoology for the

promotion of our students to higher education and state of the art research in house and .In collaboration with national and international community

Mission Statement:

The mission of Department of Zoology is to promote excellence in undergraduate and graduate education and research. Our understanding of how animals function and interact has grown explosively in recent years. New biological insights flood the media and influence everything from medical care to global politics. We in the Zoology Department address major biological questions through our research: We study parasites, bacteria, viruses, cells, organisms and ecosystems to uncover mechanisms of infection biology, Parasitology, Molecular biology, Physiology, Endocrinology, Developmental Biology, Genetics, Fishries, Entomology and Virology etc.

The Department has outstanding laboratory facilities which are supported by the University, as well as by grants from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Facilities include PCR, Electrophoresis, Haematology analyser, Ultra Freezer, analytical equipments and specialized equipment for Parasitology research, including microscopy and confocal microscope facilities.

The eight faculty members in the Zoology Department work closely with students to help them plan their programs of study, conduct research, and pursue special internship opportunities. A very large percentage of our undergraduates are admitted to professional and graduate schools or they acquire rewarding jobs in the biological sciences. Likewise, our graduate students have excellent success at acquiring faculty and research positions in colleges and universities, as well as employment in research laboratories, government agencies, and private firms.