1. No educational institution, desirous of seeking affiliation, shall conduct admission to any course of study and impart instruction/start classes in any subject, unless it has been granted affiliation by KUST.

2. (1). An educational institution seeking affiliation to the Kohat University of Science & Technology shall make an application to the Director Academics alongwith a statement under the Section 28(1),(2) of the KUST Ordinance 2001, satisfying the university that:

(a). the educational institution is under the management of a regularly constituted governing body;

(b). the financial resources of the educational institution are sufficient to ensure its continued maintenance and efficient working;

(c). the strength and qualifications and the terms and conditions of service of Teaching & others Staff of Educational Institution are satisfactory for the purpose of Teaching the prescribed courses;

(d). the educational institution has framed proper Rules governing the conduct and discipline of its employees;

(e). the building of educational institution is suitable and commodious for its requirements;

(f). the Educational Institution has or can make a provision in the prescribed manner for the residence of students not residing with their parents or guardians and their supervision and physical general welfare;

(g). the Educational Institution has a provision of a Library and adequate Library service;

(h). the Educational Institution has properly equipped, Laboratories, Museums, and other places of practical work required for courses of studies of studies taught in the Education Institution; and

(i). the Educational Institution has or can make a provision for residence of its Heads and other members of the teaching staff.

(2) The application shall further contain an undertaking by educational institution that after institutions is affiliated, any changes in management or teaching staff shall forthwith be reported to the University and that the teaching staff shall possess such qualifications as are, or may be, prescribed.

3. Application for affiliation shall be submitted alongwith a Bank Draft of Rs. 50,000/- (Fifty thou`sand only) in favour of the Director Finance, KUST with the following break up:

i. Rs. 10,000/- application processing fee (Non-Refundable).

ii. Rs 40,000/- inspection processing fee (refundable only in case of non-inspection of the proposed institution).

iii. 50% of the inspection processing fee i.e (ii) of the above (amounting Rs. 20,000/-) will be refundable in case affiliation is not granted to the institution.

Since the process of affiliation is time consuming the application must be made one year before the commencement of the session/ admission.

No application for affiliation shall be entertained unless the prescribed fees are credited in favour of the University.

4. Additional Rs. 50,000/- (fifty thousand, non-refundable) will be deposited in case of subsequent application for affiliation in any additional subject(s) in the same degree/discipline.

5. The Director Academics, after satisfying himself with regard to the completeness of the application in all respect, with the consultation of the Vice Chancellor shall furnish a copy of the questionnaire (appended as Annexure - II) to the Head of the Institution applying for affiliation.

6. The Head of the institution seeking affiliation shall complete the questionnaire as well as fulfilling the pre-requisites/ conditions of affiliation and shall submit to the Director Academics who after examining the documents, if satisfied that the prescribed requirements have been fulfilled may propose an Inspection Team to the Vice Chancellor for approval to visit the Institution concerned, comprising mainly of the following members:

i. Dean of the relevant faculty (Convener)

(in case of more than one Dean, the senior

one will be the convener)

ii. Head or Professor or Associate Professor of the (Member)

concerned Discipline

iii. The Registrar or his nominee (Member)

iv. Controller of Examination KUST or his nominee (Member)

v. Director Finance or his nominee (Member)

vi. Librarian (Member)

vii. Director Sports (Member)

viii. Director Academics or his nominee (Member)

7. The Inspection Team shall examine the Educational Institution in light of the provision of Section 2(1)(2) of these rules and the information supplied through the questionnaire/ pre-requisites by the concerned institution.

8. The Inspection Team after satisfying itself that the prescribed requirements have been actually fulfilled may recommend to the affiliation committee affiliation/ provisional affiliation till next inspection/1 year. The recommendations of the Inspection Team shall be placed before the Affiliation Committee for consideration.

9. The Affiliation Committee may co-opt the Convener of the Inspection Team if necessary.

10. If the Affiliation Committee is satisfied it may recommend affiliation/ provisional affiliation to the educational institution concerned and the case shall be placed before the Syndicate for approval. However, to avoid delay, the Vice-Chancellor may grant affiliation/ provisional affiliation, in anticipation of the approval of the Syndicate.

11. After approval of affiliation/ provisional affiliation from the competent authorities, the affiliated institution shall deposit an amount of Rs. 60,000/- (Sixty thousand) for B.A/B.Sc/B.Ed/LLB/Equivalent Program, Rs. 70,000/- (Seventy thousand) for M.A/M.Sc/ M.Ed/LLM/ Equivalent Program and Rs. 1,50,000/- (One Lac and fifty thousand) for Professional Programs (Medical/Engineering/Pharmacy), (non-refundable). The letter for the grant of affiliation shall be issued only after the educational institute has deposited the prescribed fee in KUST account.

Note. In case of affiliation in the Medical/Engineering/Pharmacy or any other professional discipline(s), No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the relevant council is must for processing the application for affiliation with KUST.

12. After the expiry of provisional affiliation of the institute/ college, the college would be required to apply afresh for affiliation. Thereafter, Section 3 of these rules shall be followed.

13. The Educational Institution affiliated with KUST shall be governed by the Statutes, Rules and Regulations framed by KUST from time to time regarding: -

i. the general scheme of studies;

ii. the duration of the courses;

iii. the medium of instruction and examination;

iv. the conditions of admission to the courses;

v. syllabi for the examinations held by KUST;

vi. the conditions under which students shall be admitted to the examinations of KUST;

vii. the discipline of students and the supervision and control of their residences and extra curricular activities;

viii. health and general welfare of the students;

ix. the ratio between teachers and students and the total workload of a teacher;

x. while hiring the faculty, institutions are required to enter into a written contract duly signed by the employer and the employee regarding pay and terms and conditions of employment and a copy thereof be provided to the Director Academics.

14. Every Educational Institution affiliated with KUST shall regularly pay Rs. 60,000/- (sixty thousand) annually as affiliation renewal fee before 31st December of each year.

15. A surprise inspection of every institution affiliated/ provisionally affiliated with KUST shall be held from time to time at least once a year by the Affiliation Committee/ Inspection Team of the University. Action shall be taken against any Institution under the Rules, Regulations and Ordinance of KUST.

16. If an institution, affiliated with KUST does not admit students, for what ever reason, the said institution will be required to pay Rs. 15,000/- per annum as Affiliation Renewal Fee (Retaining Fee). This facility will, however, be provided for a period of three years only, and if the institution fails to register any student even after three years then the institution will stand disaffiliated.

17. The teaching staff of the educational institution shall possess such qualification as prescribed by the Government (for degree program) and in case of postgraduate program, the teaching staff shall possess such qualification as prescribed by KUST. The supporting staff having qualification as prescribed by Government shall be appointed on the relevant post as per Government Policy. The pay of the staff shall be as per Government Rules and payment of pay to the staff shall be made through Bank.

18. Every affiliated educational institution shall furnish reports/ requisite information enabling the university to assess the efficiency of the Institution.

19. The Affiliated Institution shall make admission in accordance with schedule of admission of the Government Institutions (for degree programs) and in case of postgraduate with the schedule of KUST after proper advertisement in the press. The admission shall be made by proper Committee which shall include one member from KUST to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor. On completion of admission a copy of the merit list duly signed by the Committee shall be sent by the Institution concerned to the Director Academics for approval of the Vice Chancellor.

20. Examination schedule of KUST and affiliated institution will be the same. At the time of submission of the list of admitted students for registration as well as examination admission forms, the institution concerned shall submit a certificate issued by the Director Academics and Director Finance of KUST to the effect that the number of students admitted in the subjects is the same as allowed by KUST and the fee pertaining to affiliation/ renewal of affiliation/ enrollment/ examination fee etc have been duly paid. The registration of students for examination of the affiliated institutions shall not be in piece-meal and shall be within the prescribed period for the purpose.

21. Admission to 3rd division holders in the last examination shall not be allowed and holding a degree of the same level shall not be eligible for admission.

22. The Vice Chancellor may cause a visitation of the college of an affiliated educational institution at his discretion.