Dr. Muhammad Shafiq

04 December 2018
Author :  

Associate Professor



Address: Institute of Numerical Sciences,

               Kohat University of Science & Technology,

               Kohat, KP, (Pakistan)

NIC. No :  17201-2297783-9

Date of Birth:  06th September 1980




Cell  :    +92-321-9065688

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PhD in Statistics:       (Vienna University of Technology, Austria) (March, 2016)

M. Phil in Statistics:  (University of Peshawar, Pakistan)  2006

M. Sc in Statistics:     (University of Peshawar, Pakistan)  2002

B. Sc:      (University of Peshawar, Pakistan)  2000

F. Sc:         (BISE Peshawar, Pakistan) Pre Engineering  1998

S.S.C:     (BISE Peshawar, Pakistan) Science Group 1996

B. Ed:     (University of Peshawar, Pakistan)  2004



Fuzzy Models, Bayesian Statistics, Environmental Data Analysis, Robust Statistics,

Applied Multivariate Analysis, Advanced Statistical Theory, Survival Data Analysis,

 Advance Regression Analysis, Categorical Data Analysis, Advance Programming

Languages, Measure Theory, Logical Reasoning and Social Research Methodology, 

Statistical Inference, Statistical Methods, Probability and Distribution Theory,

Population Analysis, Sampling Techniques, Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis,

Experimental Design, Regression Analysis and Econometrics, Multivariate Analysis,

Stochastic Processes.



  • Got merit scholarship to study in Austria for PhD
  • Excellent grade in course work and thesis in PhD
  • First division throughout the academic career

Computer Knowledge


Research Interests

  • Fuzzy Information in Statistics
  • Survival Analysis
  • Categorical Data Analysis
  • Regression & Econometrics

Conferences   & Seminars

  • Presented a research paper in 16th International Conference on “Statistical Sciences”. Organized by Islamia College Peshawar, IM|Sciences, AWKUM and Islamic Countries Society of Statistical Sciences, held on 5-7 March 2018.
  • Delivered a lecture as invited speaker in a Two Days Workshop on “Use of Proper Statistical Tools” on (29-30)-11-2017 organized by KUST and HEC.
  • Co-author presented a paper in conference “Quantifying life. Advancing Research. Enabling Decisions” on August 28 to September 1st, 2017 at Vienna, Austria.
  • Delivered a lecture as invited speaker in a Three Days Workshop on “Econometric Analysis” on 4-4-2017 at Khushal Khan Khattak University, Karak.
  • Delivered a lecture as invited speaker in COMSATS Attock on “Fuzzy Information in Image Analysis” on 22-12-2016.
  • Attended 4-Day Workshop on “Diversity, Equality and Tolerance” Organized by Pakistan Center of Excellence at Hill View Hotel Islamabad (2016).
  • Attended a 1-Day Workshop on “Islamic Banking and Finance” Organized by IM|Sciences and KUST (2016).
  • Presented a research paper in 12th International Conference on “Statistical Sciences”.Organized by Islamic Countries Society of Statistical Sciences and DHA Suffa University, held on 24-26 March 2014, in Karachi.
  • Attended 1-Day Workshop on “Assessment of Academic Programs” Organized by Q.E.C Kohat University of Science & Technology (2012).
  • Attended 5-Day Master Trainers Workshop on “Testing & Assessment” Organized by H.E.C and Kohat University of Science & Technology (2012).
  • Attended 3-Day Workshop on “Research Techniques” Organized by H.E.C and Q.E.C Kohat University of Science & Technology (2010).
  • Attended 3-Day Workshop on “Self-Assessment Report” Organized by H.E.C and Kohat University of Science & Technology (2009).
  • Presented a research paper  in National Research  Conference Held at Lahore 29, 30th June, 2007, sponsored  by HEC, Pakistan Academy of Sciences, and University of   South Asia.
  • Attended 5-Day Workshop on “Statistical Data Handling” held in  Bara Gali Campus, University of Peshawar (2005).

Research Publications


  1. Alamgir., Ijaz, M., Ali, K., Shafiq, M., Mashwani, A. W. (2019). Flexible Additive Weibull distribution. Communications in Statistics- Theory and Methods, (Accepted)(IF 0.35).
  2. Shafiq. M., Atif.M., Viertl. R. (2018). Beyond Precision: Accelerated Life Testing For Fuzzy Life Time Data. Soft Computing, 22: 7355-7365 (IF 2.47).
  3. Nehafta. S., Shafiq.M., Ahmad.M.S., Wangt. H. (2017). Dominance and Influence of Social Context on Foraging by Eurasian Siskin (Carduelis spinus). Pakistan Journal of Zoology, 49(6): 2201-2208 (IF 0.49).
  4. Shafiq. M., Atif. M., Viertl. R. (2017). Parameters and Reliability Estimation of Three Parameter Life Time Distributions for Fuzzy Life Times. Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 9(8):1-9 (IF 0.83).
  5. Butt. M. N., Shafiq. M.(2017). A Fusion of Educational Research and Fuzzy      Information: A Pragmatic Approach. The Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences,XXV(1): 1-10.
  6. Butt. M. N., Shafiq. M.(2017). Teaching Poetry: Impact of Teacher’s Non-Verbal Communication on Students’ Learning Outcomes. The Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, XXV(1): 27-36.
  7. Butt. M. N., Mansoor, M., Shafiq. M.(2016). Quality Enhancement Cell and its Effectiveness: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Universities’ Teachers and Students’ Perceptions and Expectations, The Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, XXIV(1): 61-71.
  8. Shafiq. M. (2017). Classical and Bayesian Inference of Pareto Distribution and Fuzzy Life Times. Pakistan Journal of Statistics, 32(1): 15-25.
  9. Alamgir., Ullah, S., Khan. S.A., Manzoor. S.,  Gul, A., Shafiq. M. (2017). Applying  Time Series and Non-Parametric Approach Pattern to Predict Pattern, Variability, and Number of Rainy Days per Month. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 26(2): 635-642 IF(0.88).
  10. Shafiq. M., Atif. M., Viertl. R. (2017). Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test and Cox’s F-Test Based on Fuzzy Life Time Data. International Journal of Intelligent Systems, 32(1): 3-16 (IF 2.05). 
  11. Shafiq. M. & Atif. M. (2017). On the Survival Models for Step-stress Experiments Based on Fuzzy Life Time Data, Quality & Quantity, 51(1): 79-91(IF 0.87).
  12. Shafiq. M. & Viertl. R. (2017). On the Estimation of Parameters, Survival Functions, and Hazard Rates for Fuzzy Life Time Data. Communications in Statistics- Theory and Methods, 46(10): 5035-5055 (IF 0.30).
  13. Shafiq. M. & Viertl. R. (2017). On Bathtub Hazard Rate Distributions and Fuzzy Life Time Data. Iranian Journal of Fuzzy Systems, 14(5): 31-41 (IF 0.56).
  14. Shafiq. M., Alamgir., Atif. M. (2016). On the Estimation of Three Parameter Lognormal Distribution Based on Fuzzy Life Time Data. Sains Malaysiana, 45(11): 1773-1777. (IF 0.35).
  15. Shafiq. M., Alamgir., Atif, M., Zaman, Q. (2016). Empirical Acceleration Functions and Fuzzy Information. International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification, 6(3): 215-228. (IF 1.00).
  16. Haq. I., Zhu. S., Shafiq. M. (2016). Empirical Investigation of Environmental Kuznets Curve for Carbon Emission in Morocco. Ecological Indicators, 67: 491-496 (IF 3.44).
  17. Haq. I., Zhu. S., Shafiq. M., Khan. A. (2016). Does Proxy of Openness or Methodology Matter to Hold Romer’s Hypothesis? International Journal of Economics, Commerce & Management, 4(1): 1-12.
  18. Shoaib. M., Bashir, A. K., Zahoor, M., Shafiq. M. (2016). Does Exchange Rate Uncertainty Effects Exports? A Disaggregated Study of Pakistan Economy. International Journal of Management, Accounting, and Economics, 3(12): 779-796. 
  19. Shafiq.  M. & Viertl. R. (2015). Empirical Reliability Functions Based on Fuzzy            Life Time Data. Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, 28(2): 707-711 (IF 1.81).
  20. Shafiq. M. & Viertl. R. (2015). Generalized Kaplan Meier Estimator for Fuzzy Survival Times. Silesian Statistical Review, 13(19): 7-14.
  21. Butt. M. N. & Shafiq. M. (2013). Significance of Non-verbal Communication in            the Teaching-Learning Process. FWU Journal of Social Sciences, 7(1): 27-32.
  22. Shafiq. M., Butt, M. N., & Shoaib. M. (2012). What Makes University Students Happy: A Study of Terror Affected Area. World Applied Sciences Journal, 19(3):309-313.
  23. Shafiq. M., Haq. I., Khan. A., & Khan. S. (2012). The Role of Foreign Remittances And Economic Growth In Poverty Alleviation: Time Series Evidence From Pakistan. World Applied Sciences Journal, 19(3): 366-369.
  24. Haq. I., Khan. S., Din. N., & Shafiq. M. (2011).  Analyzing the Socioeconomic Factors of Pre-school Children. Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research and Business, 3(3): 1410-1416.
  25. Shafiq. M., Butt. M.N., Din. N., Haq. I., Saeed. Y., & Sharif. M. M. (2010). Motivational Factors of Smoking among the Students: A Survey of Kohat University. European Journal of Social Sciences, 18(1): 46-50.
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  27. Shafiq. M., Shah. S., & Alamgir (2007). Modified Weighted Kaplan Meier Estimator. Pakistan Journal of Statistics & Operation Research, 3(1): 39-44.
  28. Shafiq. M., Alamgir., Shah. S., & Sajjad, A.K. (2007). Life Expectancy for Hemophilic Patients: A Non-Parametric Approach. Pakistan Journal of Research Updates, Vol II & III 2006: 15-19.

Work experience

  • Performing the duties of Associate Professor  in Statistics, Kohat University of

Science & Technology, Kohat from 4-3-2019-to-date

  • Performed the duties of Assistant Professor  in Statistics, Kohat University of

Science & Technology, Kohat from 14-2-2018-to-3-3-2019

  • Performed the duties of Lecturer in Statistics, Kohat University of Science &   

 Technology, Kohat from 17-11-2008 to-13-2-2018, and Assistant Professor from


  • Performed the duties of Lecturer in Govt; Degree College Katlang (Mardan)

From 1st Jan, 2008 to 31st Oct 2008.

  • Performed the duties as a Lecturer at Department of Statistics,

            University of Peshawar from 1st December 2004 to 31st December 2007.


·         Member Board of Studies of the Department of Economics, KUST (2010-2012).

·         Member Board of Studies of the Department of Statistics, KUST (2017-2019 ).

Super User

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  • Tel: 92 922 5291501-2
  • Email: webmaster@kust.edu.pk

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