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The Department of English (Language and Literature) was set up in 2007. It is now one of the largest departments in the university. Currently, it offers two programmes: MA English & BS English. The department also intends to launch MS/MPhil and PhD (Language & Literature) programmes in near future. The curricula of the above mentioned programmes have been designed following new trends and developments in the discipline of English. Hence, the courses are challenging, interesting, and intellectually stimulating. In other words, the programmes are meant for rigorous training in the field of Linguistics and English Literature providing students with a sound theoretical knowledge harmonized with hands on practice in the form of exhaustive activities carried out during the study. The department holds a vibrant outlook with highly skilled, qualified, and self-motivated faculty.           

Ever since its genesis, the department has been vivacious in all its academic activities. It is an excellent English Language and Literature learning centre maintaining its strong commitment to embracing the needs of a diverse range of students by focusing on their personal, academic and professional grooming. Furthermore, it houses a full-fledged Language Laboratory aiming to promote students’ language skills. The goal of quality teaching is attained by modern teaching techniques and state-of-the-art technology available in language laboratory and computer-assisted programs. In turn, the department produces potential learners with a creative, analytical and reflective bent of mind and sound communication skills enabling them to fulfill their academic, socio-cultural and economic needs. The department also organizes research-oriented talks and workshops for the professional development of its faculty and students. It is noteworthy that the department keeps itself abreast of academic and pedagogical requirements through its various programmes by being in line with the HEC policies. Besides promoting the literary and linguistic skills of its own students, the department caters for the needs of other departments of the university by offering interdisciplinary courses, e.g. Communication Skills, hence, it maintains close ties with other departments.

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