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Research Publications

1. Imran Ali, Abdul Wakeel, Sakila Upreti, Dongdong Liu, Azizullah Azizullah, Mehmood Jan, Waheed Ullah et al. "Effect of Bisphenol A-induced Oxidative Stress on the Ultra Structure and Antioxidant Defence System of Arabidopsis thialiana Leaves." Polish Journal of Environmental Studies(2018).

2. Shakirullah Khan, Shahid Irfan, Basreen Akhtar, Shafiq ur Rehman, Muhammad Khan Daud, Nadia Taimur, and Azizullah Azizullah. "Pesticide-induced oxidative stress and antioxidant responses in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) seedlings." Ecotoxicology(2018).

3. Abdul Wakeel, Imran Ali, Sakila Upreti, Azizullah Azizullah, Bohan Liu, Ali Raza Khan, Linli Huang, Minjie Wu, and Yinbo Gan. "Ethylene mediates dichromate‐induced inhibition of primary root growth by altering AUX1 expression and auxin accumulation in Arabidopsis thaliana." Plant, cell & environment (2018)

4. Uzair Muhammad, Tariq Nawaz Khattak, Hazir Rahman, M. K. Daud, Waheed Murad, and Azizullah Azizullah. "Effects of Neem (Azadirachta indica) seed and Turmeric (Curcuma longa) rhizome extracts on aphids control, plant growth and yield in okra." Journal of Applied Botany and Food Quality (2018).

5. Azizullah, Shakirullah Khan Shakir, Shahana Shoaib, Halima Bangash, Nadia Taimur, Waheed Murad, and Muhammad Khan Daud. "Ecotoxicological evaluation of two anti-dandruff hair shampoos using Lemna minor." Environmental monitoring and assessment (2018).

6. Muhammad Daud Khan, Shafaqat Ali, Azizullah Azizullah, and Zhu Shuijin. "Use of various biomarkers to explore the effects of GSM and GSM-like radiations on flowering plants." Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2018).

7. Syeda Uzma, Sarzamin Khan, Waheed Murad, Nadia Taimur, and Azizullah Azizullah. "Phytotoxic effects of two commonly used laundry detergents on germination, growth, and biochemical characteristics of maize (Zea mays) seedlings." Environmental monitoring and assessment(2018).

8. Sidra Tahira, Sarzamin Khan, Samrana Samrana, Lubna Shahi, Imran Ali, Waheed Murad, Zia ur Rehman, and Azizullah Azizullah. "Bio-assessment and remediation of arsenic (arsenite As-III) in water by Euglena gracilis." Journal of Applied Phycology (2019).

9. Ghazala Nawaz, and Hunseung Kang. "Rice OsRH58, a chloroplast DEAD-box RNA helicase, improves salt or drought stress tolerance in Arabidopsis by affecting chloroplast translation." BMC plant biology (2019).

10. Ghazala Nawaz, Kwanuk Lee, Su Jung Park, Yeon-Ok Kim, and Hunseung Kang. "A chloroplast-targeted cabbage DEAD-box RNA helicase BrRH22 confers abiotic stress tolerance to transgenic Arabidopsis plants by affecting translation of chloroplast transcripts." Plant Physiology and Biochemistry (2018).

11. Ghazala Nawaz, Than Zaw Tun Sai, Kwanuk Lee, Yeon-Ok Kim, and Hunseung Kang. "Rice DEAD-box RNA helicase OsRH53 has negative impact on Arabidopsis response to abiotic stresses." Plant growth regulation (2018).

12. Muhammad Adnan, Akash Tariq, Roqaia Bibi, Sakina Mussarat, Bibi Fatima, Nawab Ali, Hazir Rahman, and Zabta Khan Shinwari. "Traditional medicines and their in-vitro proof against Staphylococcus aureus in Pakistan." Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine(2018).

13. Muhammad Abdul Aziz, Amir Hasan Khan, Habib Ullah, Muhammad Adnan, Abeer Hashem, and Elsayed Fathi Abd_Allah. "Traditional phytomedicines for gynecological problems used by tribal communities of Mohmand Agency near the Pak-Afghan border area." Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia (2018).

14. Roqaia Bibi, Muhammad Adnan, Shaheen Begum, Azra Yasmin, Abdelaaty Abdelaziz Shahat, Mansour S. Al-Said, Riaz Ullah, Akash Tariq, and Nawab Ali. "Assessment of Biochemical Parameters and Genotoxicity of Rice (Oryza sativa) Variation Treated with Zinc Sulfate and Boric Acid." International Journal of Agriculture and Biology (2018).

15. Tania Shamim Rizvi, Abdul Latif Khan, Liaqat Ali, Narjis Al-Mawali, Fazal Mabood, Javid Hussain, Muhammad Adnan, and Ahmed Al-Harrasi. "In vitro oxidative stress regulatory potential of Citrullus colocynthis and Tephrosia apollinea." Acta Pharmaceutica(2018)

16. Hazir Rahman, Ilyas Khan, Anwar Hussain, Abdelaaty Abdelaziz Shahat, Abdul Tawab, Muhammad Qasim, Muhammad Adnan, Mansour S. Al-Said, Riaz Ullah, and Shahid Niaz Khan. "Glycyrrhiza glabra HPLC fractions: identification of Aldehydo Isoophiopogonone and Liquirtigenin having activity against multidrug resistant bacteria." BMC complementary and alternative medicine (2018).

17. Muhammad Abdul Aziz, Muhammad Adnan, Amir Hasan Khan, Kamel A. Abdella, Abdulaziz Alqarawi, Elsayed Fathi Abdallah, Mashail Nasser Omar Alzain, and Tahir Mahmood. "Innovative Approach for the Management of Medicinal Plants: a Case Study of Plant Pine Nuts (pinus gerardiana)." Pakistan Journal of Botany (2018.

18. Muhammad Abdul Aziz, Amir Hasan Khan, Muhammad Adnan, and Izatullah Izatullah. "Traditional uses of medicinal plants reported by the indigenous communities and local herbal practitioners of Bajaur Agency, Federally Administrated Tribal Areas, Pakistan." Journal of ethnopharmacology (2017).

19. Muhammad Mudasar Aslam, Shafiq Rehman, Amana Khatoon, Muhammad Jamil, Hisateru Yamaguchi, Keisuke Hitachi, Kunihiro Tsuchida et al. "Molecular Responses of Maize Shoot to a Plant Derived Smoke Solution." International journal of molecular sciences (2019).

20. Ali Rehman, Shafiq ur Rehman, Amana Khatoon, Muhammad Qasim, Takafumi Itoh, Yukimoto Iwasaki, Xin Wang, Yukari Sunohara, Hiroshi Matsumoto, and Setsuko Komatsu. "Proteomic analysis of the promotive effect of plant-derived smoke on plant growth of chickpea." Journal of proteomics (2018).

21. Abdur Rashid, Sardar Khan, Muhammad Ayub, Tariq Sardar, Shah Jehan, Salman Zahir, Muhammad Sufaid Khan et al. "Mapping human health risk from exposure to potential toxic metal contamination in groundwater of Lower Dir, Pakistan: Application of multivariate and geographical information system." Chemosphere(2019).

22. Muhammad Waqas , A. S. Nizami, A. S. Aburiazaiza, M. A. Barakat, Z. Z. Asam, B. Khattak, and M. I. Rashid. "Untapped potential of zeolites in optimization of food waste composting." Journal of environmental management (2019).

23. Muhammad Zahid Ihsan, Ihsanullah Daur, Fahad Alghabari, Saleh Alzamanan, Shahid Rizwan, Maqshoof Ahmad, Muhammad Waqas, and Waqas Shafqat. "Heat stress and plant development: role of sulphur metabolites and management strategies." Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section B—Soil & Plant Science (2019).

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