Final Year Projects (0)

Final Year Projects

Details of FYP can be found here. 

All materials related to FYP are uploaded on https:/



FYP RoadMap


Common Documents  

FYP Manual
Project Idea Submission Form
Project Proposal (Template)
Project Proposal Defence (Template)
Project Evaluation I - Document (Template)
Project Evaluation I - Defence (Template)
Project Evaluation II - Document (Template)
Project Evaluation II - Defence (Template)
Project Evaluation III - Document (Template)
Project Evaluation III - Defence (Template)
Project Evaluation IV - Document (Template)
Project Evaluation IV - Defence (Template)
Final Thesis - Document (Template)


Session FYP 2020/21

This session includes all students who are currently enrolled in 5th semester.

FYP_2021 Calendar
 FYP_2021 Project Idea Submission Notification (Due date: January 13, 2020)
FYP_2021 FYP Idea Seminar by Dr. Irfan Uddin (Date: October 08, 2020)


Session FYP 2019/20

This session includes all students who are currently enrolled in 7th semester.

FYP_1920 Calendar
FYP_1920 FYP Seminar 0 Slides by FYP Panel
FYP_1920 First Time Proposal Submission Notification (Due date: September 11, 2019)
FYP_1920 Proposal First Time Submitted
FYP_1920 Proposal First Time Defence Notification 
FYP_1920 Proposal First Time Defence Schedule (Dates: October 7-21, 2019)
FYP_1920 FYP Seminars (Please contact Dr. Shafaq)
FYP_1920 Proposal First Time Defence Result (Please contact Ali Zeb sb for panel comments)
FYP_1920 Proposal First Time Defence Detailed Comments 
 FYP_1920 FYP Seminar 1 (Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2019)
FYP_1920 Second Time Proposal Submission Notification (Due date: November 04, 2019)
  FYP_1920 FYP Seminar 1 Slides by Dr. Amjad Mehmood (Date: October 23, 2019)
  FYP_1920 Proposal Second Time Defence Schedule (Dates: November 11, 2019)
  FYP_1920 Proposal Second Time Pre Defence Result 
  FYP_1920 Proposal Second Time Defence Result (Please check FYP website for your comments)
  FYP_1920 FYP Seminar 2 (Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2019)
FYP_1920 FYP Seminar 2 Slides by Mr. Muhammad Roman (Date: November 13, 2019)
FYP_1920 Evaluation I documents Submission Notification (Due date: December 02, 2019)


FYP Website

All students are requested to use for the management of FYP related documentation and evaluation.

Plagiarism Checking

Please note that for plagiarism checking we accept plagiarism check only by Make sure that you have created this account through Director Academics KUST. Or ask your supervisor, to check the report for you on the website. Or you can also check yourself, in case you do not have an account in turnitin. You can create a user profile (Class ID and enrolment key is shared with you in WhatsApp group) and submit the document to get similarity report. 


For fine deposits please use this information:

Account Title: Director IIT
Account number: 0003437100001103

FYP Coordinator:

Dr. Muhammad Irfan Uddin
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Whatsapp: 0335 5764 514

Get In Touch

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  • Tel: 92 922 5291501-2
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