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Mid Term Exams Week of Fall Semester 2019 at Institute of Computing

Mid Term exams of Fall Semester 2019 at KUST are scheduled from November 18-22, 2019.  The exam committee of Institute of Computing in the supervision of Dr. Shafaq Musaddiq, has scheduled mid exams for all subjects making sure proper seat arrangements and the availability of staff. A committee is also checking the quality of exam paper and monitoring to avoid any disturbance during the exam. Director IoC is regularly checking exam halls. 


Public defence of MSCS Students 

Public defence of two students Mr. Naib Khan and Mr. Anwar Sadat for the award of MSCS degree was organised at Institute of Computing on November 14, 2019. Mr. Naib Khan's supervisors were Dr. Muhammad Altaf Khan and Dr. Amjad Mehmood. Mr. Anwar Sadat's supervisors were Dr. Shafiullah Khan and Dr. Rashid Ahmad. Both students explained their thesis to audience. Examiners asked different questions which were answered by the candidates to the satisfactory level. Examiners recommended both candidates for the award of MSCS. We congratulate both candidates. 

FYP Seminar 2 on topic "Software development lifecycle and different software development models"

Second seminar in the FYP Seminar series on topic "Software development lifecycle and different software development models" was organised by FYP Panel at Auditorium of Institute of Computing on November 13, 2019 11:00 AM. Guest speaker was Mr. Muhammad Roman. All students working on their FYP participated in the seminar in order to get knowledge about the whole software development lifecycle and what software development model should be for their FYP. The seminar will help students to prepare themselves for next evaluation.

Re-defence of FYP proposals

FYP panel members organised a re-defence for students of 7th semester to evaluate their proposals in the convenorship of Dr. Irfan Uddin. A total of 35 projects were submitted in the first evaluation, where 5 were with minor revisions and the rest were either major revisions or not approved. Students were advised to address the comments of the panel or work on new ideas. These 30 projects were re-evaluated on November 11, 2019. Panel members were satisfied with the performance improvement in most of the projects. Few projects were not approved this time and these students will be given another chance in next semester. 

FYP Seminar 1 on topic "How to write technical reports?"

First seminar in the FYP Seminar series on topic "How to write technical reports?" was organised by FYP Panel at Auditorium of Institute of Computing on October 23, 2019 11:00 AM. Guest speaker was Dr. Amjad Mehmood. All students registered in CS491 and who are currently working on their FYP participated in the seminar in order to get knowledge about technical report writing. The seminar will help students to prepare themselves during the different technical document preparation in the FYP. A total of four seminars are scheduled for FYP students in 7th semester to help them to perform better in the different evaluation by FYP panel. 

One week course on "Cyber Security Essentials & Vulnerability Assessment"

A one week course on "Cyber Security Essentials & Vulnerability Assessment" was organised by KPCERC, KPITBoard Peshawar at Institute of Computing KUST from October 14, to October 18, 2019. A large number of students participated in the course. Mr. Usman Ali from KPCERC was the instructor. On behalf of Institute of Computing, Dr. Irfan Uddin thanked participants, instructor, Director IoC and Director KPCERC for the organisation of the course and active involvement. He hoped that in future such types of activities will continue in order to give knowledge to the students of KUST. Later certificates and shields were awarded to participants and instructor. 

FYP Proposal Defence of 7th Semester's students at Institute of Computing

FYP Proposal defences are started for all students registered in 7th semester. Students are divided into 35 groups, where each group consists of 2-3 students. Students prepare a software development related idea that they want to work on during their 7th and 8th Semesters. A group of experts evaluate students at proposal defence and give suggestions on how the proposals can be improved further. The activity of proposal defence is started on October 7, 2019 and will finish on October 21, 2019. 

Cyber Security course at KUST

KPCERC, KPITBoard Peshawar will offer the following one week course at KUST for free. 

Title: Cyber Security Essentials & Vulnerability Assessment
Date: Oct 14, 2019 to Oct 18, 2019 (5 Days)
Time: 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Eligibility: CS / SE / IT Graduates or enrolled students with Networks background

The registration link is


MS defence

The MS defence of Ms. Shazia Maqsood on title "Context-aware adaptive Parts-Of-Speech language learning framework" for the award of MS in Computer Science degree was organised at the auditorium of Institute of Computing KUST on October 2, 2019. She was supervised by Dr. Abdul Shahid and Dr. Shafiullah. She explained the thesis to examiners and audience, which was later evaluated by examiners. She convinced examiners by answering their questions with all required details.  She thanked Allah and her supervisors for the successful completion of MSCS. 


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