Graduate (MS, MPhil, PhD) Degree

A student pursuing MS/MPhil or Equivalent Degree at the University shall successfully earn a minimum of 30 credit hours to be considered eligible for MS/MPhil degree.

Summer Semester

A summer semester of 08 or less weeks duration may be offered during July and August. During the Summer Semester, the teaching hours per course per week

Duration of Studies

Under the semester system, KUST offers several degree programmes with varying minimum credit hours, and requires its students to complete the entire degree programme within the following time limits:

Academic Calendar

The Directorate of Academic of the University, with the approval of Academic Council, routinely publishes a schedule of complete academic year. These academic activities include:

Academic Year / Session

An academic year/session under the semester system comprises of 02 regular semesters and an optional summer (shorter duration) semester.

Duration of Semester

The Regular Semester (Fall/Spring) shall consist of 15 weeks of teaching and 02 weeks of Final Examinations. Teaching in the Summer Semester spans over 08 or less weeks.


In every semester students at the University / Affiliated Colleges / University Campuses must register their courses online, using KCMS as per the academic calendar. 


  1. Every student of the University is required to maintain at least 75% of the attendance in each course. A student who fails to meet the minimum requirements

Interruption of Studies

An undergraduate student may opt to interrupt his studies at any time while the graduate students can only interrupt his studies before the approval of synopsis. However,


  1. Every student at KUST is assigned to Advisor Studies (a faculty member of the concerned academic department) who will hold regular meetings, both formal and informal,

Credit System

One credit hour means direct teaching a theory course for a minimum of 15 academic hours per semester. In case of practical one credit hour means direct instructions

Course Codes

Every course offered at KUST is identified by a three characters long unique alpha-numeric code, usually three to four letters followed by three digits. The letters represent

Degree Requirements

Every student at KUST is required to follow a plan set out by his department / institute / center in order to complete all the requirements (as outlined below) for a

Double Degree

If a student is desirous of obtaining a degree (undergraduate only) in a discipline other than his previously earned degree from KUST, he shall spend additional minimum 02

Course Load

An undergraduate (BS, BBA/MSc/MA) student can normally register for 15-19 Credit Hours in a regular semester whereas the maximum load for a Graduate student

Any student who has earned credits from a degree awarding institution recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan can apply for transfer of courses

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