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DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY: Date Sheet Online Midterm Examination Spring Semester –2021


BS Chem/BS Bio 2nd  (A/B) & BS Chem/ BS Bio 4th (A/B)

BS Chem 6th/MSc Chem 2nd  

(A/B) & BS Bio 6th

BS Chem 8th /MSc Chem 4th




RS-101 (Dr.Tahira)


CHEM-234 (S.Murtaza)


BCHM-221 (Dr.Umar)

CHEM-342 (Dr.Naeem)


CHEM-352 (Dr.Mansoor)


BCHM-341 (Dr.M Ishtiaq)

CHEM-416 (Dr.Shaukat)


CHEM-426 (Dr.Rukhsana)


CHEM-434 (Dr.Javed)

CHEM-523 (Dr.Amir)


CHEM-538 (Dr.Bilal)



CHEM-122 (Dr.Ahtaram/Dr.Rukhsana)


MS-112 (Mr.S.Mudasser)


MIC-101 (Dr.Nazish)

CHEM-362 (Dr.Naila)


BCHM-361 (Dr.Umar)

CHEM-415 (Dr.Iqbal)


CHEM-446 (Ms.Saima)


CHEM-454 (Dr.Mansoor)

CHEM-513 (Dr.Shaukat)


CHEM-649 (Dr.Naeem)




ENG-134 (Mr.Zakirullah)


BOT-102 (Dr.Huma)


BCHM-231 (Dr.Mussadiq)

CHEM-332 (Dr.Bilal/Dr.Javed)


BCHM-333 (Dr.M Ishtiaq)

CHEM-414 (Dr.Ruqia)


CHEM-425 (Dr.Naila)


CHEM-435 (S.Murtaza)


CHEM-456 (Dr.Muslim)

CHEM-546 (Dr.Umar)


CHEM-531 (Dr.Javed)




ZOO-102 (Mr.Noor)


CS-101 (Mr.Tahir)


SWS-103 (Mr.Asif)

CHEM-322 (Dr.Amir/Dr.Shahid)


BCHM-315 (Dr.Mussadiq)

CHEM-424 (Dr.Ahtaram)


CHEM-436 (Dr.Bilal)


CHEM-444 (Dr.Umar)

CHEM-514 (Dr.Ruqia)



STAT-101 (Dr.M Ijaz)

BCHM-111 (Ms.Saima)

CHEM-222 (Dr.Murad/Dr.Ijaz)

BCHM-212 (Ms.Saima)

CHEM-312 (Dr.Ruqia/Dr.Iqbal)


BCHM-314 (Dr.Shafiq)

CHEM-445 (Dr.Mussadiq)


CHEM-455 (Dr.Muslim)

CHEM-522 (Dr.Azhar)



CHEM-351 (Dr.Muslim)

BCHM-351 (Dr.Mussadiq)


ENG-134 (Mr.Zakirullah)


CHEM-721 (Dr.Shahid)

NOTE:  The students will submit an answer sheet in soft through registered email or KCMS account within 12 hours after the start of the paper. Hard copy of the answer sheet will be submitted to the concerned instructor at the end of the examination.

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