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Chairman Message

One of the objectives of the Department of English is to cultivate an effective and productive use of English language and its literature in a creative expression and day-to-day life. Literature is the reflection of a particular society that is carried out through a variety of literary genres. Also, it offers a fine analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the contemporary society in order to shove its development. In the same vein, literature serves a critical role in the social development that encourages values and norms which, in turn, bind a society in a harmonious manner with a delicate sense of aesthetics.

On the other hand, Linguistics focuses on the study of language including syntax and semantics that explore the development and use of language in context. Following the current status of English as a lingua franca, communication in English plays an imperative role in personal, professional, and social terms. Linguistics equips students with the necessary tools and techniques to share and express ideas and thoughts more efficiently, effectively, and strongly.

This department serves as a platform for the potential graduates in the field of literature and linguistics. Literary and communicative aspects of the students are polished together with inculcating the necessary value of civic responsibility. Our mission is to equip students with a sense of critical inquiry, potential to look beyond their hidebound surroundings, and reflective and diagnostic vision to define themselves in a wider social, cultural, and political environment. In other words, through our all-embracing curricula, we equip students with social and personal growth, intellectual independence, informed judgment, enlightened bent of mind, strong interpersonal skills, and necessary adaptability in any given situation.

The department has got young but well qualified and committed faculty, equipped with the latest and innovative approaches to teaching. Hence, our reputation continues to go from strength to strength. The department is bent on inculcating sound, authentic, practical and research-oriented knowledge of English literature and linguistics to uplift the standard of students. The department of English has been producing graduates since 2007 with its ever first degree programme titled as MA English. Later on, the programme of BS English was launched that resulted in an increase in strength of the department. The plans are to foster research and development in the department and it is, therefore, eking out to commence MPhil & PhD (Literature & Linguistic) very soon. I am confident that the graduates of this department will get the exclusive opportunity of being among the best. I can visualise a very bright future of the Department of English at KUST.


Dr. Abdus Samad
Department of English


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