I welcome you to the Department of Botanical and Environmental Sciences at Kohat University of Science and Technology. Our website facilitates the visitors with information about the department, offered programs, our faculty, students, and support facilities. Our topmost priority is to conduct a high quality research in Plant and Environmental Sciences for the advancement of fundamental scientific knowledge to solve critical issues of Pakistan, and to prepare our students to become much science professionals to compete in a rapidly changing world. The department has strong programs in Botany, Plant Biology, Ecology, and Environmental Sciences.  The department strives to be on the fore front of Plant and Environmental Sciences research. We are committed to creativity, innovation and academic excellence in our teaching and research.

Please follow the links to further explore the research projects and publications of our faculty, and opportunities for the enrollment in the undergraduate and graduate degree programs in botany and environmental sciences.

I, personally visualize a very brilliant future of the department which would achieve excellence in imparting quality teaching, promoting research culture and develop industry academia linkage program in the field of Plant and Environmental Sciences. May Allah Almighty grant success to the department of Botanical and Environmental Sciences, Kohat University of Science & Technology.

Best wishes
Dr. Aziz Ullah,