Welcome to the Institute of Numerical Sciences (INS) at Kohat University of Science and Technology (KUST). The INS is a full teaching and research institute at KUST formerly known as the department of Mathematics which was one of the oldest departments of the KUST established in 2004.

The INS occupy the 1st and 2nd floors of the Academic block in the northeast corner of the KUST.

The INS offers a BS degree in Mathematics and Statistics: and M.Sc. degree in Mathematics; an M.S/M.Phil. degree in Mathematics; and a PhD degree in Mathematics.

The INS has more than three hundred students and nineteen qualified faculty members. Most of the faculty members are having Doctorate degree.

The INS also extends its teaching support to other departments/institutions of KUST in their bachelor and master degree programs.

Research faculty members in INS are primarily in Applied Mathematics and Applied Statistics. Some of the research specialties are in Optimization theory, Theory of Relativity, Fuzzy Statistics, Numerical Analysis, Functional Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Statistical Inference, Survival Analysis and Mathematical Biology.