Assistant Professor


Address: Department of Economics, Kohat       University of Science & Technology, Kohat, KP, (Pakistan)

NIC. No :  16102-3584737-7
Date of Birth:  02th March 1985




Cell No.:    +92-346-9123819; +923349050670

e-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



PhD in Economics:       (University of Malaya, Malaysia) (July, 2017)

M. S in Economics:  (University of Peshawar, Pakistan)  2013

M. Sc in Economics:     (University of Peshawar, Pakistan)  2008

B. Sc (Hons) in Economics:      (University of Peshawar, Pakistan)  2007

F. Sc:         (BISE Mardan, Pakistan) Pre Medical  2003

S.S.C:     (BISE Peshawar, Pakistan) Science Group 2001



Economic Development
Economic AnalysisApplied EconometricsApplied EconomicsEconomic Policy AnalysisEconometric AnalysisPeace & Conflict Studies, Economics of Terrorism, International Economics


  • Got Bright Sparks International scholarship to study in Malaysia for PhD
  • Achieved Gold Medal in BS (Hons) Economics
  • First division throughout the academic career
  • Earned Hec Start-Up project (No.21.1939/SRGP/R&D/HEC/2018)

Computer Knowledge


Research Interests

  • Global Terrorism and its impact on Globalization
  • Economics of Terrorism
  • Development Economics
  • International Economics

Conferences   & Seminars

  •  Attended 1-Day Workshop on “Train The Trainers” Organized by CECOS University (2010).
  • Attended 5-Day Master Trainers Workshop on “Testing & Assessment” Organized by H.E.C and Kohat University of Science & Technology (2012).
  • Alam Khan, Zarinah Yusof, & Muhammad Shoaib: The Impact of Exchange Rate Uncertainty on Exports of Malaysia. 14th EBES CONFERENCE - BARCELONA, Spain; (2014)
  • Presented a research paper in International Conference Held at University of, Malaya, Faculty of Economics & Administration Malaysia, (2015).

Research Publications

  1. Saud M.A, Ping Guo,P., Haq, I., Pan, G & Khan, A. (2019). Do government expenditure and financial development impede environmental degradation in Venezuela?. Journal PLoS, ONE. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0210255.
  2. Ruiz Estrada, M. A., Park, D., Khan, A & Tahir, M.  (2019). Is terrorism, poverty, and refugees the Tahir dark side of globalization? Qual Quant DOI: 10.1007/s11135-019-00839-z.
  3. Ruiz Estrada, M.A, Park, D, & Khan, A. (2018).  The impact of terrorism on economic performance: The case of Turkey. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy. 60©, 78-88.
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Work experience

  • Performing the duties of Assistant Professor in Economics, Kohat University of Science & Technology (KUST), Kohat from 14th February 2018 to-date.
  • Performed the duties of Lecturer in Economics, Kohat University of Science & Technology, Kohat from 03th Dec 2010 t0 13th February 2018.
  • Performed the duties of Lecturer in CECOS university from 15th Sep 2008 to 02st Dec 2010.


  • Teaching to PhD, MPhil, Master and BS students.
  • Coordinator of the Department of Economics, KUST (2011-2012).
  • Exam coordinator of the Department of Economics, KUST (2017-).
  • External examiner MPhil Thesis Evaluation (University of Peshawar, Hazara University, Qurtuba University)