At the dawn of today the subjects of Social Work and Sociology has got significant value. The rapid global development, social change and dynamics has made survival competition based and complex. These developments, though positive as well, has still created complexities and social problems “the terrorism, racial conflicts, gender discrimination, economic-social and political systems conflicts, economic gaps and inequalities, disasters, mass corruption, Governance problems, civilizations issues and a number of outcomes of these problems has challenged the human survival.

Further, with particular reference to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which has become the focal points of these problems- has attracted the global attention. Though a number of developmental strategies have been applied for solution of these problems but the situation has not improved significantly. Inspite of fact that Pakistan is the tomorrow’s greatest world power INSHA ALLAH- it is having greater geo-political significance, best ideology, abundant natural and human resources- is still facing a lot of problems. Adopting positive approach, these problems and challenges could be turned into development and opportunities for future success, INSHA ALLAH.

It is a known fact that all streams of knowledge, either social or other sciences are for welfare and development of human being and of the society. The disciplines of Social Work and Sociology at the undergraduate and post graduate levels can provide the academic and professional knowledge with diversified and dynamic applications. Such course combinations are made which meet the global academic standards and prepare the market oriented professionals with a sound social understanding and equipped with practical skills which are necessary for solution of social problems and for development of society, INSHA ALLAH.