The Campus seeks to acquire the highest standard in research and academics. The unending mission of this campus is to keep acquiring resources and capacities to equip students for high-end research and industry-level job-demand. The aim thus is to generate knowledge and impart skills that will enable students in their career goals and benefit the society at large in terms of adequate supply of skilled work-force and new ideas for solving problems. The Campus has the vision to provide Strength to research and academics through up to date curricula, adequate infrastructure, well-qualified faculty, academic and research collaboration with other universities both within and outside the country, and arrangement of conferences, symposia, and conferences.

Focus on local needs and problems. Use of technology pervades all aspects of our lives yet effective use of information technology still evades local businesses, organizations, and market sector.  The reason for this is, organizations have rules and practices local to our society. Most of the research unfortunately targets the needs and problems of industrialized societies. The department will gear its research to local needs and problems. Seminars, job fairs, and career-counseling provide important opportunities for students to target potential employers and employers to target potential human resource. The Campus will intensify job-fairs, seminars, and related activities and attract reputed firms and companies to enable contacts between students and potential employers.