The Assessment and Examination Committee constituted by the Academic Council in its 31st meeting to recommend policy and devise mechanism for the assessment and

examination of students registered for the online courses in the Spring 2020 semester held its first meeting on 17th June 2020 under the convengrship of Prof Fida Younus Khattak.

The following members attended the meeting:

  1. Dr. Murad Ali Khan, Department of Chemistry
  2. Dr. Shahid Niaz Khan Department of Zoology
  3. Noor Muhammad Department of Biotechnology and Engineering
  1. Shafiullah Khan Institute of Computing
  2. Muhammad Asif Jan Institute of Numerical Science (online)
  3. Bahadur Khan Controller of Examinations
  4. Muhammad Zeeshan Deputy Director Academics

The meeting commenced with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by Mr Bahadur Khan, Controller of Examinations. After thorough deliberation, the committee made the following recommendation regarding an assessment policy and examinations of students registered for the Undergraduate and Graduate degree programmes in the Spring Semester 2020:

  1. These recommendations are only for the Spring 2020 semester and for the online courses.
  2. The academic performances of the students will be evaluated through the following

components and their weightage distribution.

  1. Online Classes / activities participation 10%
  2. Assignment / Case studies 10%
  3. Midterm Examination-I 25%
  4. Midterm Examination-II 25%
  5. Final Term Examination 30%
  6. The Letter Grades will be awarded as per the approved Grading policy of the University.
  7. The Midterm Examinations and Final Term Examinations will be conducted through Open Book Exams (OBE). The question papers will be provided to the registered students through their KCMS Account.


  1. All the students will get the take-home open examinations at the same time and must submit them within a given time period notified by the instructor with the approAlal of the Departmental Academic Committee.
  2. All the registered students will submit their assignments and answer sheet(s) of the mid-exams and final exams in PDF format to the concerned instructor through KCMS Account. In the case of diagrams, equations, structures and any additional handwritten documents/images shall be annexed with the main document/answer sheet(s).
  3. In case of technical issues with the KCMS account, the students may submit their answer sheets within the stipulated time through registered emails.
  4. To guard against the misuse, the University shall not accept a late examination after a certain period has lapsed. In such cases, the instructor will award an ā€œIā€ grade.
  5. All kinds of Closed Book Examinations, MCQs, Short Questions, and presentation etc. shall not be acceptable towards the evaluation purpose.
  6. The teaching departments will prepare the examination schedule as per the approved revised academic calendar. The exam schedule shall be circulated amongst the students well before (at least a week before) the commencement of the exam(s).
  7. In case normalcy returns to the campus at any point during the semester as per the revised academic calendar, the classroom activity and proper examination as per the approved policy of the University shall resume. The weight assigned to various components as per point 02 above shall, however, remain unchanged.