S.No App. ID Name Father Name Discipline Sem Domicile Distance
1 18 Shahid Ali Khan Quaid e Azam BS Zoology 3rd Kurram 155
2 64 Shaoor Iqbal Kaptan BS Chemistry 3rd Kurram 155
3 119 Adil Muhammad Sher Muhammad BS Biotechnology 5th  Mohmmand 151
4 27 Sajjad Ali Sher Hassan BS Software Engineering 5th  Mohmmand 151
5 107 Haider Ali Muhammad Sardar Khan BS Biotechnology 5th  Mianwali 149
6 171 Afaq Zia  Zia Ullah BBA 2nd  Lakki Marwat 134
7 187 Mudasir Abas Haqnawaz Khan M.Phil Zoology 3rd Lakki Marwat 134
8 7 Zia ur Rehman Abdur Rehman M.Phil Chemistry 3rd Lakki Marwat 134
S.No App. ID Name Father Name Discipline Sem Domicile Merit
9 46 Saeed Anwar Manawar Khan BS Zoology 3rd  Lakki Marwat 81
10 139 Aamir Malook Khan Malook Pharm.D 7th  Karak 80.43
11 68 Sharif Ullah Sadullah BS Zoology 3rd Lakki Marwat 80.03
12 60 Muhammad Sohail Ikhtian Gul BBA 3rd Karak 79.78
13 129 Imtiaz Rehman Sadeeq Rehman BS Psychology 3rd Hangu 79.3
14 21 Sanan Khan Nawazish Ali BS Microbiology 3rd Nowshera 79.15
15 53 Akram Ullah Moin ullah khan M.Phil Zoology 3rd  Hangu 72.81
16 34 Mazullah Asghar Ali M.Phil Education 3rd  Bannu 72.31
1- The Students  falling in the Merit List may take Hostel Fee Slips from Provost office. 
2- All the Students are directed to deposit the Hostel Dues by November 23, 2020 and submit the 
Deposited Slips  to the concerned Hostel Managers on or before November 23, 2020; failing which their 
Hostel's seats will be automatically cancelled and next on waiting list will be given Hostel Admission.
3- All Hostel Wardens/Managers are directed to allot hostel seats to only those students who have
deposited their hostel fee within due date.
4- If Confirmed that any student has provided wrong information to the Undersigned Office , his seat will
stand cancelled and he will be fined too.