Industrial Linkages

The foundation of the economy is academics and manufacturing connection. The businesses of each developed country overcome their economic issues by means of their financial assets i.e. Academics.

Half of the population was unemployed in 2018, and about half a million graduates in Pakistan were unemployed (Source: Daily Times Pakistan), which can be solved through strong academic and industrial connections.

These are the programs of great interest to us:

  • Develop, expand, enhance and administer research programs at university
  • Directly link research activities to the education, social, and industry sectors.
  • Foster and enhance multidisciplinary research initiatives
  • Increasing external research funding
  • Diversifying the external funding for research
  • Translating research to the benefit of the public
  • Internships

Technology Transfer

On the one hand the industry faces a lack of good human resources and inventions and, on the other hand, well-trained PhDs and students do not gain any recognition for their noble work. This dilemma cannot be denied. They face a threat of their creations being stolen when they are discovered. ORIC can ensure that both issues are overcome by focusing on following:

  • Promoting entrepreneurship, technology-transfer and commercialization activities which improve and support the economy
  • Complete mentoring on how to get the research commercialized
  • Faculty, business and industry mobilization
  • Easy access to government authorities and industries
  • Coaching, mentoring and training sessions
  • Intellectual Property and Legal services