Admission Procedure/ Rules for Graduate Programmes

  • The university shall widely advertise MPhil/MS and PhD Programmes.
  • The admission shall be open to all without any reserve quota provided the eligibility criteria are met.
  • Applications shall be received and processed online as per procedure advertised at the time of admissions.
  • The admissions into MS/MPhil / Equivalent shall be based on merit established through the performance of the candidates in SSC or equivalent, the HSSC or equivalent or BA/B.Sc (as the case may be), BS (04 years) or equivalent , MA/M.Sc or equivalent and the percentage marks in the entrance exam (GAT General/ GRE General or equivalent). The merit for admission to an MPhil/MS degree programme offered by the university shall be established as per following criteria:
    1. 40% weightage shall be given to academic as described below
    2. 50% weight allocated to the percentage in the required entrance test
    3. 10% weight allocated to the percentage achieved in the interview before the Departmental Graduate Committee.

The distribution of the 40% weight allocated to the academic shall be as per following criteria:

  1. Marks %age in BA/B.Sc/equivalent x 0.16
  2. Marks %age in MA/M.Sc/equivalent x 0. 24

Aggregate = A+B

In case of BS/Pharm-D or equivalent the distribution shall be worked out as following:

Cumulative percentage score in the entire degree programme x 0.40

  • The admission into PhD Programme shall be based on the availability of resources (facilities, supervision, etc). The eligibility of candidate shall be ascertained by the Departmental Graduate Committee from the academic testimonials submitted by applicants.
  • The Admission offered shall be initially considered provisional and shall be confirmed through a notification by the HoD after due verification of the supporting documents. Any mistake in the documentary evidence or false statement on part of the candidate may lead to the cancellation of admission.
  • In cases of equivalency, only a certificate issued by the IBCC/HEC shall be considered acceptable for the purpose of admission.