At the end of each semester, based on the academic performance, students are awarded different academic standings. Following is the list of the “standings”

awarded to students

  • Excellent

The academic standing of a student is considered excellent if he/ achieves a Semester-GPA >=3.67  and CGPA >=3.33  Good

The academic performance of a student in a semester is considered good if his/ Semester GPA<3.67 & >=3.00A is less than

  • Satisfactory

The academic performance of an undergraduate student is considered satisfactory if his/ Semester-GPA is >=2.00 and <3.00   and Cumulative-GPA >= 2.00. The minimum GPA requirement for the satisfactory performance of an MS/MPhil and PhD student is 2.50 and 3.00 respectively.

  • Cautions

A cautionary letter is issued to an undergraduate student whose Semester-GPA is 2.00 (2.50 and 3.00 for MS/MPhil and PhD student) or more but Cumulative-GPA drops below this set points. The student may be advised to improve his/ CGPA instead of registering new courses/research.

  • Probation/ Dismissed

A student placed on academic probation in any semester of the degree programme shall  clear the probation in the succeeding semester by securing a semester GPA of 2.00 for undergraduate (2.50 for MS/MPhil and 3.0 for PhD), failing which, he may be expelled from the University on the basis of poor academic performance.  The HoD shall forward the cases of students on consecutive probations to the Department Academic Committee within 05 working days of the declaration of official results. The DAC shall make recommendations regarding the academic expulsion or otherwise of the student. The HoD shall seek the approval of the concerned Dean and shall forward the approved recommendations to the office of the CoE and KCMS for updating record.

If a student is not satisfied with the decision of DAC, then he/ she may submit an appeal to the Appellate Committee through the concerned Dean within 07 days of the notification of the decision of the DAC and the decision of the Appellate Committee (Semester System) shall be final and binding on the student.

  • Academic Distinctions, Gold Medals, and Pass
  1. Academic distinctions and gold medals shall not be awarded to a graduate who has accumulated an “F” grade in any course(s) registered at any level during the programme or has completed some of the degree requirements (courses) from an institution other than the University or its constituent college . .
  2. A graduate is awarded distinctions and medals on the basis of on his academic performance provided he has never been placed on probation  and never had registered less than the normal course load in any semester during the entire degree programme.
  3. Medals are only meant for the undergraduate programme
  4. No medal shall be awarded in cases of improving CGPA.
  5. Highest Distinction: the Highest distinction is granted to a student whose CGPA is >= 3.90
  6. High Distinction: High distinction is granted to a student whose CGPA is >=3.75 and < 3.90.
  7. Distinction: Distinction is granted to a student whose CGPA is >= 3.50 and <3.75.
  • Gold Medals
  1. In every session, in every degree programme, a gold medal is awarded to the student who has achieved the maximum Cumulative GPA amongst all the graduates registered for the degree programme offered at KUST
  2. Medals are only meant for the undergraduate programme
  3. No medal shall be awarded in cases of improving CGPA or having CGPA less than 3.00 /4.00
  4. No medal shall be awarded in case a graduate was punished/fine by the central discipline committee
  5. In case 02 or more students are acquiring the same CGPA then the position will be decided on the basis of percentage among those students.
  6. The minimum number of students in the degree programme must not be less than 5 in a session in order to be eligible for a gold medal.
  7. The Gold Medal to an On-campus/ Sub-campus/ Affiliated Colleges Student(s) may be awarded separately.
  • Passed

A student shall be declared passed if he successfully completes all the requirements set for a degree from KUST (certified by the HoD in every case) and attains a Cumulative GPA >=2.00 for undergraduate, Cumulative GPA >= 2.50 for MS/MPhil and Cumulative GPA >= than 3.00 for PhD. The concerned department shall issue degree /provisional certificate.