The following guidelines are stated specifically for the instructors (or Course-Coordinators in case of more than one instructor teaching a course, either because

of multi-groups of students or sharing course contents):

  1. The question paper shall bear the name, slogan and monogram of KUST at the top of the front page of the question paper. For the name and slogan boldface, Aerial font shall be used, followed by the name of the department/institute in the second line.
  2. Course number, the title of the course, semester and the date of the examination shall be printed at the top of the front page below the Department/Institute's name.
  3. In case of more than one page, the paper shall be paginated. The format for pagination shall be like 1/2, 2/2 or 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3. The bottom center of the page shall be used for printing the page number on it.
  4. The student shall be asked to answer all the questions given in the paper. Students shall not be given a choice to select from a list of questions.
  5. Separate percentage weight may be assigned to each question and subparts (if any).
  6. Time limit for the final paper (undergraduate) is normally three hours. This may be clearly mentioned at the top left corner of the paper. The instructor shall ensure that an average student can solve the paper in the permitted duration. For the Graduate exam, the time duration may vary.
  7. Students shall be asked to write down all the answers on the standard answer booklet. In some cases, additional graph papers, signed by the instructor, may be used.
  8. The instructor (or Course Coordinator as the case may be) shall prepare the paper by himself only. Every possible effort shall be made to avoid asking ambiguous questions. Students may be judged in what they should know not in what they don't know.
  9. In the absence of the instructor (for reasons of leaves etc.), however, the Chairman concerned of the respective Department/Institute may appoint another faculty member on the recommendation of the concerned DAC to prepare the paper according to the course outline by consulting the course file.
  10. 20% of the questions shall be such that everybody registered for the course could answer and 20% may be such that only the top 20% student can solve. An average student registered for the course shall be able to solve 60% of the paper.
  11. The instructor may give values of constants on the front page of the question paper. It is the responsibility of the instructor to avoid any kind of misprint. Formulae table may be provided if needed, however, students shall not be allowed to bring their own formulae sheet into the examination hall.
  12. Numerical values in a question may be such that an average student does not need any calculator to work it out.
  13. The instructor shall ensure that the paper is self-explanatory and is clearly worded. Every question shall be clearly described. English mistakes shall be avoided.
  14. It is the responsibility of the instructor to ensure the secrecy and safe custody of the paper. Copies of the paper shall be made in the presence of the instructor. Course instructors shall collect the answer booklets for the final examination from the office of the respective HoD. Unused answer booklets shall be returned to the office of the HoD. An account of used and unused answer booklets will be maintained by the HoD. The students may be shown the final examination marked scripts before submission of Comprehensive Award List to the Controller of Examinations if they so desire.