Every student of the University is required to maintain at least 75% of the attendance in each course. A student who fails to meet the minimum requirements of attendance in any course shall not be allowed to take final examination for that course.

  • In courses with Lab, every student studying such course is required to maintain at least 75% of the attendance in a lab and 75% in a classroom, separately. A student who fails to meet the minimum requirements of attendance, either in Lab or in a classroom, shall not be allowed to take final examination for that whole course.
  • The 25% margin of absence from the classes is reserved for an illness case or other unavoidable circumstances
  • The Instructor will report a student’s absence and the student may be placed on attendance probation by his HoD.
  • In case, due to genuine reasons and/or circumstances beyond his control (verified and approved by the Department Academic Committee), a student’s attendance in a course or all courses registered in a semester falls below the mark of 75% but had more than 50% attendance in every course and was available for the final examination, he/she can sit in the final examination. The course(s) is Considered incomplete and an "I" grade is awarded in the course. This grade shall appear in the transcript temporarily until it is replaced by the actual grade and will not receive F Grade. After receiving I grade student shall make up the unfinished portion of his subject to the satisfaction of the instructor who awarded this grade. In case a student fails to complete the unfinished portion within following semester his I grade would be converted to F grade.
  • A student who remains absent from classes for ten (10) consecutive working days will be notified by the concerned HoD through the Departmental notice board as well as through a registered letter to his/ parents.
  • In case, a student remains absent for twenty (20) consecutive working days from the classes he/she will cease to be a student of KUST. This shall be notified by the HoD with a copy to the parents and all other concerned offices of the University.
  • A Student Registered in a subject may not be permitted to continue due to the shortage of attendance (less than 50 % ) or other disciplinary action. Such student shall be awarded a “WF” (Forced Withdrawal) grade. It shall appear in the transcript as such and shall not be used in the computation of GPA.  

A student ceased on the basis of poor attendance may apply to the Departmental Academic Committee. The Departmental Academic Committee may allow the student to continue as per following:

  • The student has to submit fine for the missed classes.
  • Makeup classes for the students shall be arranged.