Every course offered at KUST is identified by a three characters long unique alpha-numeric code, usually three to four letters followed by three digits. The letters represent the major field and numeric signifies the level of the subject.

  1. The first digit represents the level  (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate, etc.) of the course taught. Usually the year in which a course is normally offered in a particular plan of degree programme is attributed to the level of the course. For example a course offered at the junior level of undergraduate (3rd year of regular BS  degree programmes will carry the first digit as 3. The courses offered at the 1st year of conventional MA/M.Sc shall also carry digit 3. MS/ MPhil courses will start with digit 5 and 6. The PhD level courses shall start 7 and 8 the PhD thesis normally starts with 9(eg. ZOO999)   
  2. The second digit represents the broad area of the course. Each department classifies all the courses offered into broad areas. The digit “0” at this position normally refers to the basic introductory level general courses of the discipline.
  3. The third or the last digit stands for the sequence of the course offered in the same area in the same level (year).