One credit hour means direct teaching a theory course for a minimum of 15 academic hours per semester. In case of practical one credit hour means direct instructions as well as performance of the experiments in laboratory environment for a minimum duration of 45 academic hours. An academic hour at the University is of 50 minutes duration.

  1. The credit hours are denoted by three digits m(n+p) where “m” is total credit hours, “n” is the credit hour of theory of the course and “p” is the credit hour assigned to practical part of the course. For example 4 (3+1) employs the total credit hours of 4 and the theory and practical parts are assigned 3 and 1 credit hours respectively.
  2. In case of a Seminar Course, attendance and participation in 12 seminars during a semester constitute one credit hour. If the seminar series is followed by a compiled report duly vetted by the DAC shall make 02 credit hours. Such a course is evaluated on the basis of satisfactory / un-satisfactory completion.