An undergraduate student may opt to interrupt his studies at any time while the graduate students can only interrupt his studies before the approval of synopsis. However, this option can only be exercised subject to the following conditions:

  1. The student has not accumulated consecutive probations and / or not having a disciplinary case pending against him and/or expelled from university on disciplinary grounds. An MPhil/MS/PhD students can only interrupt their studies before the approval of his synopsis by the ASRB.
  2. The case is processed through the Departmental Academic Committee and approved by the concerned Dean on the recommendation of HoD.
  3. If a student freezes a semester, he/ she will resume his studies from the same stage where he/she left (froze).
  4. The duration of the interruption is counted towards the duration of the degree programme set by these rules
  5. Interruption of studies later than the third week of a regular semester or first week of summer semester shall lead to F Grade in the registered courses.
  6. The option of semester freezing will only be exercised after the completion of the first semester. The students/scholars of all programmes can apply for freezing after completion of the first semester.  
  7. A student can interrupt his studies twice only in the entire degree programme. However, the total duration of interruption shall remain 02 years in all cases.  .
  8. The unfreezing request shall be submitted at least 02 weeks before the start of the semester by the student in person with all the requirements.
  9.  The request for resumption of study shall be submitted to the respective HoD at least 02 week before start of a semester. The HoD shall process the case through DAC and recommend the case to the concerned Dean for Approval.
  10. Failure to resume (unfreeze) studies after the elapse of maximum duration of 02 years of interruption shall lead to cancellation of admission.